Oktoberfest Unforgettable Private Tour

Munich is famous for its original Oktoberfest and I am famous for my unforgettable tours. Before this city became so famous, there is a lot of history to tell.
From 184 € pro Person
Duration about 3-6 hours Groups of 2 people


Beer halls, beer gardens and cellars tell different chapters from history. At this special event, I offer more than history, also a lot of fun.

I offer very dedicated support at this special event. I’ll take care of your reception. Take a look at my reviews, write me your questions and enjoy my positive art.

My guides and I taste all of the beers to give you the correct information. I have lived in Bavaria for over 37 years, know the local culture and history and have a lot of energy to keep you entertained. Much more than the history of the country’s kings and dukes, beer has its own chapter here, which is also entertaining to listen to as the tents are introduced to the event.

I myself visit the hosts of the tents in their restaurants, who are responsible for these tents, and convince myself of the quality of the service and food in order to give you the right recommendation. I am also looking for the right options for your children to entertain them. Each of the tents at Oktoberfest has a unique story.

Whether you are going on vacation or for a congress, you can also find out more about the next few days in Munich at this event.

We take you to different tents and tell the most important events that happened there and with you we experience the story of tomorrow.

I’ll take you through Karussellgasse and we will visit the crinoline (carousel), nice cafes and beer bars. Let’s enjoy Oktoberfest together.

We do not plan to reserve a table, as we prefer to design it freely, but we can make a reservation on request (without guarantee, as most tables are fully booked by May).

My groups are small, up to 15 people, and we don’t walk through town, we just enjoy it.

Those are my available times

Meeting Point

What's in

  • Pick-up at your hotel (till 1,000 meter radius from central station)
  • Professional City Guide
  • Lebkuchenherz
  • Your first beer 1 l

What's not

  • No reservations at any tent. This is not allowed to sell, but I’ll search seats for us.
  • Tipps or gratuities for your City Guide are not included

General Advices


  • Please book your tour with proper advance.
  • In my opinion, this is not a tour for kids under 7 years, but this is up to you.
  • Alcohol consume is during the tour not allowed.
  • People with disabilities must inform with proper advance about needs and limitations.

Different times for private tours

  • The suggested standard times are a suggestion, but I’ll be happy to include your desired start time in the schedule. Just give me a call or send me an email.


  • I will do my best to fit your needs. Contact me and I’ll help you.
  • Cancellations can be done 24 hours before tour begin.

Those are some advantages of my services

Experienced Guides

We are all over 10 years working with tours

Easy cancellation

I offer you the most flexible policies

Small Groups

We deliver personal support and stay away from big crowds


Alle Touren werden auf Deutsch, Englisch, Spanisch und Portugiesisch angeboten

Secrets from the cities

You can have more of your vacation with my team and me

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