Munich to Salzburg Tour

So, you are on a quest to find another option for one day tour to Salzburg from Munich? Expect to get lost in stunning places and mesmerizing views. This city is a jewel and it’s worth all the energy and time.

Salzburg is the place where you get to see real magic.  

This tour will not only take you to some beautiful places, but you’ll get a chance to learn so much. Salzburg is the birthplace of one of the world’s best composers, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Explore his hometown, residence, and places he used to visit.

My partner Radius Tours organizes this one day tour with me and my colleagues. We know every detail about each place in the city. You can rest assured all facts you hear are true; We are experienced and highly professional individuals. They make sure you get an unforgettable experience and want to come back for more.

Some other places that are must-see in Salzburg include the Mirabell Garden, the old alleys, and Hohensalzburg Fortress.

If you find yourself interested in taking this tour, it’ll be my pleasure to assist you. Feel free to contact me. It’s my pleasure to help you book this tour and provide more details.

Talking about details, here are some:

Details for Salzburg Day Trip

  • Duration: 9.5 hours
  • Time: 9.15 am
  • Ages: Ages 6+

Note: All guests must bring their passports on this tour.


  • Mozart’s birthplace
  • Original filming locations of The Sound of Music
  • Mirabell Castle and Garden
  • Fortress Hohensalzburg
  • The Old Town
  • Cathedral

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