Paul’s Bavarian Beer and Food Event

Munich is famous for its Oktoberfest. Before this city became so famous, there was a lot of history to be told.
Beer halls, beer gardens, and cellars tell different chapters from or history.
In this special event, I don’t offer any other guide, but me.

See my reviews, write to me with your questions and enjoy my positive art. I taste all the beers to give you the proper information.
I live in Bavaria since 1984 and know the local culture and history. More about it, I give my guests in my tours.

Beer and Food Event

I have a lot of energy to entertain you. I visit frequently the best restaurants in the city and can offer full support for your visit to the city as you may read in my blog.   Whether you come on vacation, or for a congress, in this event you also can get information about what to do in the next days in Munich. I bring you to the different houses and tell you the history behind them. Secrets of the second world war, love affairs, and politics. Everything combined in four hours of fun. My groups are small, till 15 people and we don’t run through the city, but enjoy it.