Private Tours

Perfect when you want more from your visit, private tours are the right option. Whether visiting museums or having drawing lessons, on such a tour I dedicate my time just for you.

More than those options, you may book my services for shopping, dining or other activities in the city.

Private Tours Indoor

Paul’s Private Tour in the Alte Pinakothek Munich

Spending time with me in a private tour will be unforgettable

Paul’s Private Tour in the Bavarian National Museum

Founded in 1855 by King Maximilian II of Bavaria, the Bavarian National Museum was constructed according to plans found by Archive Director Karl Maria Freiherr von Aretin in 1853.

The plans were for the construction of a Wittelsbach Museum. Read more…

Private Tours Outdoor

Paul’s Private Tour Third Gender in Bavaria

Pink Maibaum at the Karl Heinz Ulrichs Square

Paul’s Private Tour Munich old City

There are so many secrets in the streets of Munich

An option for a birthday gift or a jubilee, a private tour in Munich gives you a memorable moment in your life.

Historical facts, amazing places to photograph and more privacy.

In this welcome event, I also offer hotel pick-ups in the Central Station area.


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