Carnival 2020 Dates & Places

There are many things going on during the carnival 2020 or Fasching in Munich. I am preparing for the coming days and have collected many events to write about.

I’m sure that you’ll visit some great places in Munich during its famous carnival or like locals call it Fasching. Bars for LGBT community members are also at disposal and are available.

As I mentioned in my previous article, gay bars have their own spot under the stars, mostly at the Glockenbach Area. Search for Glockenbachviertel on Google Maps. Although there is no end to the people’s prejudices about this community, day by day it is growing more popular in this city.

Besides gay bars, many others will warm welcome you during the carnival activity. Prosseco Bar is one of them, Roy Bar is also among the ones that will provide you an excellent service.

Fasching in Munich 2020

This national holiday will take place between February 20th and 25th.

When it is about the Fasching in Munich in 2020, there is a lot to say. As first it is likely to mention how many adults dress up in a fancy dress on famous ‘Fasching Dienstag’. So, in Marienplatz, one of the most-visited parts of Munich, you will be able to see many people dressed up like that.

Sincerely, Fasching had better years before. When I was about 30. people had the “White Party”, Löwenbräu hosted the famous cross-dressing balls and the University invited for diversity. Observing the press and the official website from the city of Munich and it seems that nobody actually gives a dime for this event. It seems that I’m quite alone with it.

I just hope not to be the last one wearing a costume and by mistake being delivered in the Psychiatry. I imagine the news “Gay-Dad considered insane wearing a drag”. Let’s hope this year will not be so bad.

Don’t be shy

It can certainly tickle your imagination and put you in the temptation of trying it by yourself. Dressing for carnival is not only for kids. Because of that, I have no doubt how are you going to feel when you see that. Let’s chance to try your drag.

In some places in Marienplatz will surely be places where you can buy a beer. Even if nobody else goes to a Faschingsball, this city will ever sell beer, I’m sure.

Followed by ‘fired’ local music bands in the background, your experience should be just fine. There is also the ‘Viktualienmarkt’; a sensation of its own kind. One of the most visited events with extraordinary professionals beside it and atmosphere that guarantee a topnotch fun.

You will be able to see a sea of people at this event, I hope. I’ll be covering the event, stay tuned. But the dancing activity mentioned is just in the morning. The rest of the day you will just find the Viktualienmarkt till 8 pm packed with people and music playing.

One that is certain during this event is that a whole area will turn into a massive party zone, all day long. As this event is its highlight, good vibes and fun are the least you will pick from it.

Prosseco Bar during the Carnival

Nevertheless, its activity during the carnival in Munich can be changed dramatically in a positive way. Believe me, this bar is one of the places that need to be visited while all the crowd fills the streets during this carnival.

I can just post a question: How do you spell ‘fun’ in German? The answer is P-r-o-s-e-c-c-o! Fasching or Carnival 2020 is not announced on their website, but I’m sure they will be there with some program.

As all the crowd will be preoccupied with the carnival’s activity, this bar can provide a magnificent experience. Having fun here is all but guaranteed. If some of your friends ask you would you like to go someplace fun, this bar should be your answer. And if the word ‘fun’ is known as your middle name, I know you will readily agree to go.

You will be able to come to this bar from Marienplatz. It will probably be flooded with people as it is always like that, I know it. But don’t let that discourage you. As it is always crowded, even while the carnival is ongoing, do not hesitate to visit it. I’ve learned from my own experience that you just have to wait until people start leaving the Wiesn, then it will be packed.

Carnival 2020 in a good mood

The other thing that is not to forget is that you can meet a ton of nice people who are very friendly and in a good mood. They are all having a good time in the bar, just like you do.

I sincerely love the professional art of their bartenders. I can assure you they really don’t care are you perhaps an American or from any other nation. Service will be on the best possible level and you even can get a buyback. If you are not German, you can find this odd and it can be unexpected for you. But that is all just normal if you are coming from some other country so it will be acceptable to others of course.

You can also find great singers here in the bar, especially the ones related to pop music. Once there was present a big pop star from Germany and I really liked it.

The only negative can be their use of the fog machine. It is like when someone doesn’t know when to stop and it seems like this place thinks too much smoke is never enough. But other than that, this place really rocks.

What’s up with the Gay Bars on Carnival?

As you probably know, gay bars have become like a tradition here in Munich. It has its own culture and principles so it deserves to be respected by others. In my opinion, that is changing to better every single day. And it is something I really like.

If you are worried about is there any gay bar during the carnival in Munich which you can freely visit, be relaxed. Many gay bars are open for its visitors. One of them is ‘Jenny Tanzt gay party’. This year it will be available on Sunday, 18th of January. Every two to four weeks Jennifer Parks still runs Munich’s largest gay party known as the Jenny Tanzt. It is located either at ‘Oberangertheater’ or at ‘Isarpost’. Both are just a minute away from Sendlinger Tor near the city center.

The party Jenny Tanzt usually opens at 22:30. Until 23:30 there is a happy hour (at regular parties) with a low price entry fee, a cremant-lottery for the first 100 guests at Oberangertheater and a welcome shot. It lasts until 5:00 in the morning. This place usually is very crowded. So sometimes you face a queue at the entrance and/or wardrobe. That simply cannot be avoided so you will have to accept it as security staff.

I highly recommend this gay parties, fun is inevitable.

Cruise Party

Munich’s gay cruise & fetish scene offers a few dedicated bars. A number of gay adult shops with dark rooms and play zones.

Since 1967, Ochsengarten( ‘Ox’) is the ‘daddy’ of cruise bars welcome many men in Munich. It was Munich’s first gay venue for fans of jeans, leather, rubber and uniform. It will be opened on Sunday, 18th of January from 23:00. The walls feature posters from various similar bars. You can pick up info on events and venues in the same genre all over the Europe. It is gay-mixed techno and electro party. Music by DJ Willow and Fidelity Kastrow are among the others.

This is a perfect place for guys who like to spend some time alone with their partners. What will provide you a comfortable feeling is a small back room for guys who want some action. Ox is dark, cruisy and packed on the weekend. Regular themed nights.

So, if you are one of them this is the perfect place for you.

Roy Bar’s activity

Although I’m an atheist, I feel it will be a huge sin not to mention Roy Bar. When it’s a carnival 2020 going on, this bar has so much to offer.

There is a hotel next door so if you are its guests, this bar will be perfect for you. You should definitely give it a try. That hotel has guests mainly coming from abroad. So, to the majority of them, an English menu is necessary. In Roy Bar, there is no such thing. But you can stay calm. Don’t expect waiters to spend much time with you, cause the bar is full and they are all in a hurry.

Meals are usually on very generous portions and are of great quality. If you want so eat some meat there are plenty of it in Roy. Always fresh and baked enough not to be lively, I know that from some of my friend’s experiences. Prices here are pretty average compared to other restaurants. But it all depends how stable are you financially and what can you afford yourself.

You may find a service being quite abrupt in other restaurants in Munich. But not here. In fact, I am assured that it will be one of the best during your trip!