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Munich and the wonder of the 19th century

Learn about Munich in one of my tours. In this specific option I start from the central station (Hauptbahnhof) and go along the Prince Regent (Prinzregenten) area, through the Residence till Marienplatz backwards in time, till the 11th century.

When in Rome, do as Romans do. (old wisdom)

With this method I set the theory to be learned in the tour and deliver on the way, how all the facts came together.

Central Station

Build by Bürklein, actually is under construction and just some small details from earlier architecture can be seen.

Bürklein was born under the name Georg Friedrich Christian Bürklein, was a student from architecture from the 19th century master Friedrich von Gärtner. He was responsible for many train stations and even some city halls. In Munich he was the architect from the Central Station (Hauptbahnhof), Munich-Pasing and the old Munich-Ost Station. Far more important in his career was the Maximilianeum, which is till today in original form in Munich.

Court of Appeal

This building was constructed after the Justice Palace from the same architect Friedrich von Thiersch.

The concept of "Opposite Elements" or schools of architecture is the basis for both designs.

The wall was once white, painted in a soft colour, but after the second war, the building was rebuild with exposed bricks.


Duke Karl tried to make a deal with Austria giving Bavaria away.

People here never excused him and gave to this place the name "Stachus" based on a Restaurant, which was hear to the Place on the other side of the street.

Bernheimer Palais

Another Jewel from Friedrich von Thiersch.

Wittelsbacher Brunnen

As a milestone to the canalisation of water in the city, constructed by the sculptor Hildebrandt.

Platz der Nationalsozialismus

The eternal flame which will remember us on the suffering from many victims from the National Socialism.


Feldherrnhalle (copy from Loggia di lanzi), Theatinerkirche and the Siegstor (a copy from Constantine Bow in Rome),

Max-Josef Platz

Between the Residence, Old Postal Office (copy from Hospizzi di Inoccenti) and Bayrische Staatsoper.

In the middle is the first king from Bavaria.

Moneta Regia

First Museum from Munich, open to guests from Albrecht V.

Alten Hof

First Duke residence in Munich. Here was also the church of St. Lawrence.


Here is a protocollar House, the appartment where Mozart lived for three Months and wrote the Opera Il Domeneo.


Old and new city Hall, Maria Pillar, St. Peter church with a tempietto and one tower, where once were two.