Events in Munich in February

There is a lot Events going on in Munich during the month of February in 2020.

From music concerts to theater masterpieces for every generation. A lot of music for one city. Even if you are not an music lover, I can highly recommend to visit those shows.

Dozens of different genres of music are available from rock to soul music etc. Bands like Dream Theater, Hammerfall, Five Finger Death Punch and many others will be on disposal.

Gärtnerplatz in Munich

As first, I would love to mention the famous Gärtnerplatz Theater in Munich. The Staatstheater am Garntnerplatz is an opera house and opera company in Munich.

It was designed by Michael Reiffenstuel and it is officially opened on the 4th of November 1865. It is classified as a second major theater after the National Theater in Munich. Partially financed by Kind Ludwig II.

At times exclusively concerned with operetta, there have also been productions of opera, musicals and ballet in recent years. The 2020 is not an exception.

The scope of activities is similar to that of the Komische Opera in Berlin and the English National Opera in London.

It is one of the most active theaters in Germany. Its season lasts from September to July so is will surely be available in February too. It compromises more than 200 performances.

The current intendant is Josef Ernst Kopplinger.

Priscilla, the queen of desert

Priscilla, the queen of desert

With its unique circular layout and colorful flower beds and fountain in the center, Gärtnerplatz exudes an atmosphere like nowhere else in the city. That makes is the ideal place to hang out and relax.

Cafes and restaurants are scattered among small boutiques and grocery stores. So, if you would like to stop on some beer perhaps, you will have an appropriate place to do it.

The square reflects the philosophy of the entire neighborhood. Singletons and large families, old and young, straight and LGBT-everyone feels equally at home here.

My suggestion for you is “Priscilla, the queen of Desert”. The play is in German, but even if you don’t understand German, you can enjoy the show.

So, visiting this place must be inevitable. The full program for February you may find here.

Cirque du Soleil -TOTEM in Munich

Recognized all over the world, Cirque du Soleil constantly sought to evoke imagination, invoke senses and provoke emotions. From all events in Munich next month, this one is truly special.

TOTEM is the celebration of sheer human achievement and audience appreciation is simply thrilling. That’s why this event should be loved and get admired by all. I am assured it always will though.

During February it will be available on many occasions. But, the first appearance in Munich will be from the 12th of February. Tickets are available online or in the many ticketing offices.

This event in Munich follows the human species from original amphibian state to ultimate desire to fly. The characters evolve on a stage evoking a giant turtle, the symbol of origin for many ancient civilizations.

TOTEM explores the ties that bind people to other species, his dreams, and his infinite potential. That’s why I think it has so big significance. The show finishes in Munich on March 22nd.

Winterprogramm Circus Krone

This event in Munich is one of the largest circuses in Europe and one of the few in Western Europe. I am really glad to write about it and share with you my thoughts and feelings as it has so much beautiful to offer.

The poster motif in February is adorned by Martin Lacey Jr. As ‘Lion King’ it shows the crowning of the February program. This time a ‘Prince of Clowns’ makes its debut in Munich so it will be so exciting to see how all that going to happen.

I have no doubt in its professionalism and talent though.

In the artistic part a lot of things will be done. The February program convinced with a gentleman juggler, a breathtaking sling board attraction and roller-skating art at its finest.

And among other things, there will be flying people under the circus dome. How more exciting it can be? You are probably already start questioning yourself.

Also, Jana Mandana Lacey-Krone will present the most beautiful horses in the house and of course the heraldic animals ‘Krones’, world-famous elephants. I’m not a friend of animal abuse, but I trust, that the management from the circus takes care about it.

More motivation for kids

The reduced price will be available for children under the age of 12, the unemployed, pensioners and people with disabilities. This just shows the kindness and purity of the heart of this event organizers.

On the other hand, there will be a free entrance for children under the age of 3 although they will not be entitled to their own seats.

Just look at the size of this event. It has a circus tent with 5000 seats with a diameter of 48 by 64 meters and a dome height of 14 meters. It covers an overall area of approximately 2000 square meters.

This can only be described as the largest, most modern and most expensive circus tent of the present.

Besides 5000 available seats for spectators, four 20-meters long steel masts, 4 steel lattice auxiliary masts, 120 storms, and cross beams will be on disposal. Also, 250 steel anchors will be there to provide the necessary security, even during the most violent storms. Check their new program and write to me about your experience.

Dream Theater in Munich

One of many music bands that will have a concert held in Munich is ‘Dream Theater’.  Dream Theater concert will take place on Sunday, 9th of February at Zenith in Munich.

With this band, a lot of things to do will come to your mind. Hugging your beloved ones or maybe dancing and drinking some fresh beer to the limit.

Or perhaps both. Many emotions will be evoked by this band’s songs as they have many romantic and loving songs on repertoire.

This is an American progressive metal band formed in 1985 under the name ‘Majesty’ by John Petrucci, John Myung and Mike Portnoy while they were students. They subsequently dropped out of their studies to concentrate further on the band that would eventually become Dream Theater.

It showed like a clever move. Check their Facebook-Event.

Though a number of lineup changes followed, the three original members remained together until September 8 at 2010 when Portnoy left the band.

Until nowadays, this band has released 14 studio albums. The highest-selling release is their second album ‘Images and Words’ from 1992 which reached no. 61 on the ‘Bilboard 200’ chart.

Two of their albums, ‘Awake’ from 1994 and ‘Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence’ from 2002 also entered the charts at no. 32 and no. 46 respectively and received mostly positive reviews.

‘Metropolit Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory’ was ranked number 95 on the October 2006 issue of ‘Guitar World’ magazine’s list of the greatest 100 guitar albums of all time.

As of 2018, Dream Theater has sold over 12 million records worldwide and has received two Grammy Award nominations.

Hammerfall in Munich

One of the great bands from 90s that are about to perform in Munich is ‘Hammerfall’. Like on the similar events in Munich, this one will be filled with emotions and good vibes. Their concert will take place on Friday, 7th of February at TonHalle in Munich.

Hammerfall is a Swedish heavy metal band from Gothenburg in Sweden. They were formed in 1993 by ex-Ceremonial Oath guitarist Oscar Drobnjak.

This band was formed when rhythm guitarist Oscar Drobnjak quit Ceremonial Oath and invited Jesped Stromblad to join him as a drummer in a new musical project. Just to mention, although this band is predominantly heavy metal, it will probably come some inappropriate thoughts about it.

But believe me, they are not a classic metal band with all those screams and head-banging. They have many love songs with acoustic guitar tones and clean singing. So, I know it would be great to visit this concert. When talking about Events in Munich you can trust, that I’ll write about almost any kind. I’m very eclectic.

Drobnjak had already composed the song ‘Steel Meets Steel’ which was later included on Hammerfall’s debut album. Those two were later joined by lead guitarist Niklas Sundin, bassist Johan Larsson and vocalist Mikael Stanne.

When Sundin and Larsson left the band the following year, Glen Ljungstrom(ex-guitarist of In Flames) and Frenkie Larsson replaced them.

All the previous band these musicians were in have influenced Swedish melodic death metal. Hammerfall was relegated to being a side project of them all for several years. Their concerts were limited mostly to a local music content name ‘Rockslaget’.

So was in the beginning

In the beginning, the band had a few songs of their own and playe mostly covers from bands like Pretty Maids, Judas Priest and Alice Cooper.

The one that joined the band in 1996 is Joacim Cans. On that year, Hammerfall reached the semi-final of Rockslaget. When Mikael Stanne couldn’t perform with the band, they found Joacim. He agreed to play with them on that night and that’s how their cooperation started.

The concert was huge success although the judges disqualified them for the finals. I don’t know the reasons. By the end of that day, Joacim Cans had already been made an official member of the band.

Their greatest hits are ‘Last Man Standing’, ‘Hearts on Fire’ and ‘Any Means Necessary’.