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  • A Dream of Nuremberg in Germany
    on 6. June 2020

    Nuremberg is the second-largest city in the region of Bavaria in southern Germany. It’s common for travelers to fly into the region’s capital of Munich and spend a day tour and explore the prolific city of Nuremberg. Nuremberg, Germany – The Franconian Utopia Arguably the most influential region in the history of Western Europe, Nuremberg’s

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Also as Beer Tour in Munich is the same. Depending on the audience, I have one or two guides attending the group.

Top Reviews
Paul's organized a tour for the wedding of our son last June. He brought one of his paintings as a gift for the young couple. So far he can start again to do his tours, I intend to visit Munich again, and I'm sure he'll make our visit memorable. Thank you, Paul.Ali Khalid27. December 2020
Paul's art classes are unique. My friend gave me as a gift one lesson with him and since then I'm a fan of his methods. He does virtually with the same engagement he does in person and is very flexible.Adam Koch22. December 2020
Ich geniesse die Malunterrichte mit Paul seit 8 Monate. Jetzt auch Online. (Translated by Google) I've been enjoying painting lessons with Paul for 8 months. Now also online.Robert Bagley22. December 2020
We had a dinning event with beer history. Paul is a good singer too.David Charlie22. December 2020
I'm glad, that Paul could organize an alternative for our visit to Munich. Oktoberfest should be our highlight for the visit, but he gave us a full entertaining in a beer tour.Tosha Philips21. December 2020
I'm working in Munich and when a friend told me to have a tour with Paul in the old city area. I was surprised about his engagement. With the actual situation, he managed to organize everything informative and entertaining. So far we can, I'll do another tour with him.Daniel Weingartner17. December 2020
Aug. 15th 2020 I was with Paul in the afternoon learning about the architecture from the 19th century and was amazed about his knowledge. He also teaches drawing. Thank you, Paulcharlic james17. December 2020
I loved to visit the castle Neuschwanstein with Paul. He knows so much about history, and has a wonderful singing voiceJudith Singleton16. December 2020
I was surprised to have so much information in such a pleasant way. Thank Paul for your time with us.We visited Munich in January. It was cold, but we really enjoyed his explanations and since then, I hope to be able to visit Munich again.Salma Adam15. December 2020
They way i enjoyed virtual tour of Munich Germany through Mr Paul Ridel's post and artistic layouts is beyond to express in words. If you are visiting Munich any time soon you just book your city tour with him. He will make your journey most ever memorable with full of entertainment.Omer Mustafa14. December 2020
it was really a great choice I enjoyed seeing this historical city Munich with this funny guy I highly recommend himheba rashad13. December 2020
Paul ist nicht nur freundlich, mit seine Unterstützung und Leitung kann ich München verstehen und Kunst genießen. (Translated by Google) Paul is not only friendly, with his support and guidance I can understand Munich and enjoy art.Namfon Schätzl16. November 2020
Der Unterricht vom Paul ist sehr gut strukturiert und erfolgsversprechend. Er holt den Teilnehmer von da wo ihre Kenntnisse sind und bildet weiter aus. (Translated by Google) The lessons from Paul are very well structured and promising. He brings the participant from where their knowledge is and trains them further.liana monti14. November 2020
Hervorragende Dienstleistung, , kompetent, freundlicher Empfang. Zu empfählen! (Translated by Google) Excellent service,, competent, friendly welcome. To be recommended!J'aime starfish4. May 2018
Paul ist sehfachkompetent und hat 5 Sterne verdient! (Translated by Google) Paul is a specialist in spectacles and has earned 5 stars!Christiane Kohl24. September 2017
Paul Riedel ist sehr gut erreichbar, zuverlässig. Seine Arbeitsweise ist gründlich und effizient. Er erklärt verständlich, was er tut. Sehr empfehlenswert. (Translated by Google) Paul Riedel is very easy to reach, reliable. His way of working is thorough and efficient. He clearly explains what he is doing. Highly recommended.Lutz Buchholz23. September 2017
Kompetente Konfiguration und Beratung für Windows Computer, auch mit Fernwartung. (Translated by Google) Competent configuration and consulting for Windows computers, also with remote maintenance.Bernhard Kohl23. September 2017