8 Best Christmas markets in Munich

Visiting best Christmas markets in Munich’s adventurous as well as romantic markets. Spend the winter holidays and enjoy the cherish Christmas celebrations. You should consider Munich, which is quite a famous center in the universe.

Christmas in Munich

Every year, millions of people turn to this urban town in December to witness the world’s biggest Christmas Markets. The city never fails to impress them with not only its liveliest places. Also other tourist attractions and things to do, too.

Munich, the third-largest city in Germany. This is probably the best holiday destination to enjoy Christmas celebrations. The most prominent highlights of the place are its Christmas markets that stay open for a month until Christmas Eve.

No, it doesn’t mean the city has only markets to explore. The snowy atmosphere in December and the scintillating views of the buildings. Such as museums and theaters are also worth mentioning.

Don’t know what to do in the city in December at Christmas time? Are you willing to get thorough information before going to the place? If yes, check out this guide to understand how you can relish your time in Munich will be. Enjoy by exploring fascinating markets that have a separate fan base in the world.

Christmas Markets in Munich

To all the Chrismaholics: It’s a fabulous opportunity to visit Munich at the time of Christmas. If you’re okay with jam-pack locations, you will be at the right place for sure. Though the English Garden, Nymphenburg Palace, and other sites are worth seeing. However, your trip to the urban town would be incomplete if you miss the Christmas markets.

For admiring traditional wooden huts, non-stop flow of gluhwein (wine), and stunning hand-made trinkets. Here are the top-notch markets in the beautiful place of Germany.

Marienplatz Christmas Market

Settled in Marienplatz, which is the central square in the city. Christkindlmarkt is the king of all the Christmas markets in Munich, and it offers delightful highlights to see. Being the most crowded location in the city, it lures hundreds of thousands of sightseers. The charming stalls make the atmosphere enthralling and lively.

It stays open from 27 November till 24 December 2019. The stalls of hand-made crafts, mouth-watering snacks, and adventurous outdoor activities are the prominent things to explore in Marienplatz. There is a Saint Peter’s Church Tower near the market. This is the perfect site to view the city, but you have to climb it first. Get ready for delicious food, mulled wine (Gluhwein), and Feuerzangenbowle (another wine). You can buy whatever you want to get as souvenirs or gifts.

Residenz Christmas Village

Residenz Christmas Village is a mini-market located in the courtyard of a royal palace. A magical atmosphere filled with fascinating stalls of various impressive craft items, snacks, ornaments, and toys. It opens from 21st November till 22nd December. You can consider it among the most bustling areas in the city. With exceptional surroundings, refreshing culinary culture, and a plethora of shopping options, everybody should visit this place.

Chinese Tower Christmas Market

It usually opens from 29th November till 23rd December, the Chinese Tower Christmas market is another unique and lovely place to cherish some memorable moments, and it nestled in the center of English Garden, which is among the largest city parks in the universe.

Though you will find everything at the Chinese Tower market, however, there is something unique about the ambiance. The location is quite secluded, and it is perfect for a romantic date night. Moreover, horse-drawn carriage rides are also available at the site, so plan your trip to discover an impressive landmark that can make your Christmas holidays more enthralling and enjoyable.

Sternenplatzl at Rindermarkt

Just a few minutes away from the Christkindlmarkt Marienplatz, there is a beautiful but small market, Sternenplatzl, and it increases the value of Rindermarkt in Munich. Many tourists often ignore this site, but if you have a plan to be in the place, make sure to discover it.

No doubt, this cozy and romantic location embellished with trees always look stunning because of Christmas lights, and gluhwein is an essential part of Germany’s culture, and you will see that drink at every market.

Haidhausen Christmas Market

For a fantastic date or a comfortable evening, the Haidhausen Christmas market that settled in Weissenburger Platz is a full package that enables visitors to enjoy unforgettable moments in a hopeless charismatic location, and it offers a comprehensive range of handicrafts and other traditional items to purchase at the prestigious occasion of Christmas. You can also buy for your loved ones, and there is a little Santa Claus who pedals on a cable above the Haidhausen market on a bicycle.

This place is a utopia for night buffs because of captivating lighting, enchanting open-air location, remarkable products to buy, and yummy meals and drinks. One should visit the site to consume a memorable time with your friends and family, and everybody can go between 26 November and 24 December.

Sendlinger Tor Christmas Market

Located at one of the remaining gates of the city, Sendlinger Tor Christmas market. This is a remarkable place, usually starts on 26th November, and it ends on 22nd December. This small area of Munich is vibrant and lively, and the refreshing surroundings of the site will mesmerize you for sure.

At Sendlinger Tor, vendors sell unique and bizarre products along with beautiful gifts, and it also offers traditional hand-made items. Moreover, many restaurants and bars are there in the neighborhood of the market. This place has the power to make anyone’s dull evening into the perfect one with its charismatic ambiance, and please don’t forget to explore every nook and cranny of the location.

Medieval Christmas Market

A Medieval-themed Christmas market situated at Wittelsbacher Platz is an off-beat and unique place to shop for a Christmas, and you can have firey rum, too. Moreover, the costumed jugglers and many minstrels enhance the overall charisma of the location. Useless to say, the handicrafts and other hand-made items are worth seeing and buying. It also offers to purchase beautiful local products that can be perfect souvenirs for you. It usually opens from November 26 till December 23.

The Fairytale Bazaar

The Fairytale Bazaar is highly distinctive because it opens on Christmas Day, too. It highlights a blend of every remarkable thing, and it is the favorite place of millions of visitors. By offering spicy and mouth-watering international foods, this little market has got the hearts of many, and like other Christmas markets, it displays adorable hand-made items, too.

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