Kurzes Lebenslauf und Biografie der Künstler Paul Riedel Kurzes Lebenslauf und Biografie der Künstler Paul Riedel

Paul Riedel (born Paulo Sergio Riedel, born May 27, 1960 in Sao Paulo, Brazil) German-Brazilian author, who lives in Munich since 1984 and is among others writer of many novels, scripts for theater and crimes, non-fiction books and novels since 1996.

Today I work as an IHK certified tour guide and city guide in Bavaria and the surrounding area.

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Paul Riedel ended a successful career in IT and databases in 2010. Since then he has dedicated himself to his art and social work.

He worked as a radio presenter in 2016 and 2017. He published programs on socially critical issues such as overpopulation and violence in urban central areas.

His novels are mostly about thriller and mystery.



Paul Riedel was born on May 27, 1960 in the Aclimacao district of Sao Paulo. Born out of wedlock, he grew up in an Afro-Brazilian family until 1969.

Then he was able to be integrated into his German-Italian family.

At the age of ten he became aware of his sexual identity. In the Jesuit monastery school he was confronted with the dogmas of the Catholic Church on the subject of sexuality. This experience is often addressed in his novels.


Not least because of his homosexuality, he had to separate from his family at an early age. He started his professional career in the age of 15 in the Telecommunications Ministry of Sao Paulo (TELESP) until 1984.

Career as an activist

He has been campaigning for homosexual recognition since 1977. Paul Riedel took part in many demonstrations in the city of Sao Paulo, Munich and New York (from 1994 till 2001).

He was at the first demo in 1978 against the future President of Brazil, Lula Inacio da Silva. In Germany he continued his activities and was an active member of the FDP and Die Grünen in Munich.

He led the Pro-Isar protest campaign for the avoidance of garbage on the banks of the Isar in Munich.

Careers in information technology

The Telecommunications Ministry is promoting him in his aspired career in information technology.

In 1984 he was recruited in Brazil by the partner company Ferrostal to work at MTU in Munich. Ferrostal placed him on the basis of his lecture on the subject of machine life and maintenance processes.

He continued his work for the translation and adaptation of German technology in Brazil at MTU Munich for four years.

He then worked at BMW in Munich and founded his own IT company, which he managed as managing director until 2010.

His career brought him to New York, Boston, Hong Kong and many other metropolises around the world.

Artist career

Parallel to his IT activities, he has been working as an artist since 1978. His best-known works include portraits of Broadway stars such as Julie Wilson, painted in his New York studio. The Big Spender Gala exhibited three pictures from this series in 1998.

He currently works as a freelance artist and author and is committed to the environment and LGBT issues.

Riedel is the author of various psychodramas and currently lives in Munich.

Theater and stage

In Brazil Paul Riedel worked on the following pieces between 1976 and 1984:

  • Antigone. as an actor, 1977
  • Cantum Nobile, singer, 1979 to 1981
  • Pare e caia nos meus Bracos, as an actor and dancer, 1982
  • Auto da Compadecida, as an actor, 1984
  • Paloma, directos, 2018
  • Virtuelle Liebe, 2017
  • The Muse, director, 2019
  • Roberta, director, 2020
  • Weihnachten Premium Pack, Director, 2020
  • Madama Marouskas letzter Auftritt, 2020

Artist Exhibits in my career

Artist Exhibits were once a good opportunity to present and sell some work. When I learned to organize artist exhibits in my apprenticeship years, the basic requirements for formulating invitations were to know the art knowledge and investment interests of the guests.

As a gallery owner or artist, you shouldn’t lose sight of these prerequisites.

The truth may taste bitter and is often concealed, but the artist’s task requires to know his audience and to implement his work critically, or it will all turn into bread-less art.

Unfortunately, during the 1980s the public gained in colourful expression, but lost funds for investment, which made exhibitions an event for free binge-drinking, but was hardly profitable for the artist. In Munich Lehel, Schwabing and in the Glockenbach district I financed such appointments sufficiently. After carrying drunk visitors I never meet before, I was more than deceived with the development of society and decided to just publish my work through catalogues or some videos.

The Internet now makes it possible to organize virtual exhibitions that require less investment and thus offer art at an affordable price.

Main artist exhibits:

  • 1978-1980 Mercado de Arte Sao Paulo – Brazil
  • 1979-1981 Feira de Arte Mogi Guacu – Brazil
  • 1980 Feira de Arte (Mythos) Peruibe – Brazil
  • 1996 Fremde Welten Munich – Germany
  • 1997 ArtExpo New York – USA
  • 1997 Symbol, Symbiose, Alltag, Kult Munich – Germany
  • 1998 Galerie Dr. Böhner Munich – Germany
  • 1998 Fauna und Music Munich – Germany bei Bang & Olufsen
  • 1999 Foire d’Art Strasbourg – France
  • 1999 Kunstmesse Zürich – Switzerland
  • 1999 Acqua Munich – Germany
  • 1999 Galerie am Golf Club Karlsruhe – Germany
  • 2000 Kunstmesse Rosenheim – Germany
  • 2000 Fauna und Music Munich – Germany – Galerie Antaris
  • 2000 Wein Geist Munich – Germany in Castle Blutenburg
  • 2000 Fauna und Music Munich – Germany
  • 2001 Acqua Munich – Germany in Galerie Antaris
  • 2002 CEBIT Hannover – Germany by Ausgestellt bei Ascential
  • 2003 Kunsttransport Munich – Germany – Eine Aktion der Atelier Cielo
  • 2004 Kunsttransport Munich – Germany – Eine Aktion der Atelier Cielo
  • 2005 Champions I Munich – Germany (Motorradfahrer, Autofahrer und Skater stellten sich als Modell für diese Werke.)
  • 2006 Wein des Dyonisius Munich – Germany – Wein, Trauben und andere Motive zum Thema Dyonisius Gott des Weines
  • 2007 Champions II Munich – Germany – (Handwerker und Straßenarbeiter stellten sich als Modell für diese Werke.)
  • 2008 Mah-Jong Munich – Germany – Das Spiel der Drachen, Blumen und Winde in Aquarellen umgesetzt.
  • 2009 Liebe in Stücke Munich – Germany – Buch und Zeichnungen Veröffentlichung – 500 Exemplare ausverkauft
  • 2010 Frühling Munich – Germany (Postkarten und Originale zum Thema)
  • 2010 Das Geheimnis der verdorrten Rosen – Munich – Germany – Gemälde und Buch Veröffentlichung.
  • 2010 Champions III Munich – Germany – Väter stellten sich als Modell für diese Werke.
  • 2011 Moments Munich – Germany (Zeichnungen, Aquarelle und Mischtechnik mit Motiven aus dem Alltag auch als Grußkarten)
  • 2013 München Review Munich – Germany – Werke aus 2010 in Postkarten und Originalen
  • 2017 Lesung im Schöhnhof
  • 2018 Empfang 40. Künstlerjubiläum

I don’t have a facebook site, but they keep hunting my data.

Published books

If you want, here is my artist cv. Come with me to world famous museums and cities. My city tours were all based on the development of art and the connection to the history and development of society and culture of the cities or epochs.

Professional Experience

  • 1976 – 12.2010 Data Base Expert, worldwide
  • 2016 – 05.2017 Radio Moderator
  • 1998 – 05.2008 Travel Agent in Barcelona
  • 05.1978 Multi media Artist, Munich
  • 10.1988 Museum Guide and City Guide in Munich, Salzburg, Nuremberg and other Cities in the region
    • (Glyptothek, Alte Pinakothek and other Museums and castles)

Writer Experience

  • Radio Theater producer and Screenplay writer
  • Novel Writer (actually with over 30 titel registered)
  • camera man for small productions
  • IHK certified travel agent and city guide


  • German (++)
  • English (++)
  • Portuguese (++)
  • Spanish (++)
  • Italian (+-)
  • French (+-)
  • Chinese (-)


  • 1972 – 1984 – Independent artist ateliers in São Paulo with focus on:
    • Painting
    • Drawing
    • Restoration
    • History of art
  • 1976 – 1977 – Dramathurgy in theater school
    • Grupo de Teatro do Seminario da Gloria
  • 1982 – 1984 – Performing and Dramaturgie
    • Theater Cecilia Meireles, São Paulo
  • 1976 – 1979 – School for Radio- and TV technic
    • Instituto Universal Brasileiro, São Paulo
  • 1974 – 1979 – Language (German, English)
  • 1979 – 1981 – IT-school for Programming and Host-System Administration
    • CET in Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • 1981 – 1984 – Economics-University
    • Universität Oswaldo Cruz in São Paulo, Brazil
  • 2009 – 2011 – Certified Practical Psychology
    • Hamburger Akademie
  • 2009 – 2011 – Psychotherapy (HP) with certificate
    • Hamburger Akademie
  • 2011 – 2012 – Psychotherapy (HP)
    • Campus Naturalis
  • 2018 – 2019 – City Guide
    • München Tourismus

Clubs and Associations and others where you may find my artist cv

– Self-Publisher Verband
– Reiseleiter Verband
– Verein der Selbständige



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