Scope of Application

These Terms and Conditions of Paul Riedel shall apply to all contracts concluded between a Client  and Paul Riedel relating to all goods and/or services presented in the website

As client is every natural person concluding a legal transaction for a purpose person or partnership with legal capacity acting in the performance of a commercial occupational activity when concluding a legal transaction.

Establishing the Contract

  1. The services descriptions in my website do not constitute binding offers, but serve the purpose of submitting a binding offer by the Client.
  2. The Client may acquire the offered service by the online order form integrated in my website. In doing so, after having placed the selected services in the virtual basket and passed through the ordering process, and by clicking the button finalizing the order process, the Client submits a legally binding offer of contract with regard to the goods and/or services contained in the shopping cart.
  3. Books or paintings will be handled as unique offers and will be send separately by e-mail.
  4. Paul Riedel may accept the Client’s application for services after this finishes the buy process and processing the payment.
  5. All services offered can be cancelled by the client 24 hours before the service begin.
  6. Paul Riedel may also cancel the offer, in case unforeseen problems may force to cancel a service. This will occur till 24 hours before the service start.
  7. All other requirements for service done by e-mail, fay or telephone must be confirmed by e-mail.
  8. The German language is exclusively available for the conclusion of the contract.
  9. Order processing and contacting usually takes place via e-mail and automated order processing. It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that the e-mail address he provides for the order processing is accurate so that e-mails sent by the Seller can be received at this address. Particularly, it is the Client`s responsibility, if SPAM filters are used, to ensure that all e-mails sent by the Seller or by third parties commissioned by the Seller with the order processing can be delivered.

Right to Cancel

  1. Consumers are entitled to cancel or re-schedule a tour up to 24 hours prior to the service starts. Inside of 24 hours there is no cancellation or re-schedule possible. Exceptions to this agreement are documented in the service offer under Cancellation.
  2. Paul Riedel reserves the right to reject any booked customer that is misbehaving on our tours, is drunk, acting or talking inappropriately towards his staff or other participants on the tour. Also, Paul Riedel reserves himself the right to reject customers that are not able to communicate in the language that had been booked for the individual tour. Each attendee of the tour has to be able to fully understand all instructions given on a tour.
  3. The client is responsible for his/hers booking.

Prices and Payment Conditions

  1. Unless otherwise stated in the service description, prices indicated are total prices and include the local value-added tax. Any possible additional delivery and dispatch costs are specified separately in the respective product description.
  2. Payment can be made using one of the methods mentioned in the online system.
  3. In case of delivery to countries outside the European Union, additional costs may incur in individual cases for which I’m not responsible and which have to be solved by the Client. This includes for example transfer fees charged by banking institutes (transfer charges, exchange fees) or import duties or taxes (customs). Such costs regarding money transfer may also incur, if delivery is not made in a country outside the European Union and the Client carries out the payment from a country outside the European Union.
  4. If prepayment has been agreed upon, payment shall be due immediately upon conclusion of the contract.

Delivery Terms

Services are delivered according to my service description. Changes of the itinerary may be decided by my staff or myself according to natural conditions (like constructions, weather or security needs).

I do not take any responsibility for personal losses (scarfs, hats and others are clients responsibility).

5.3 Personal collection is not possible for logistical reasons.

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