Visit the Glyptothek Munich with Paul

The Glyptothek is the richest collection of Greek sculpture I Know. It's also a unique completely dedicated museum to Greek statues.
Collection of Antiquities
Enjoy the visit in the collection of antiquities with Paul and visit the heritage of Greeks, Etruscans, and Romans in a singular presentation.
Alte Pinakothek Munich
The Alte Pinakothek (or painting collection), offers a rich overview of painting in Europe. I lead the visitor to a unique time journey in a weekly tour.
Especially for Royal Residence Munich, I suggest a private tour. The skip-the-line service helps to save time. Historical facts, 139 rooms and the beautiful art in painting and on the walls. This building was almost completely destroyed after World War II and then reconstructed. This shows also the character of the city and their connection to traditions. The highlight of my visit is the Green Gallery.
Bavarian National Museum
Founded in 1855 by King Maximilian II of Bavaria, the Bavarian National Museum was constructed according to plans found by Archive Director Karl Maria Freiherr von Aretin in 1853. The plans were for the construction of a Wittelsbach Museum.
Deutsches Museum Führungen
Come to this weekly museum visit. Every year almost 1.5 million visitors dive into around 50 subject areas from planets in astrophysics to cells in biology.