Deutsches Museum Tour Munich

Deutsches Museum Führungen
Come to this weekly museum visit. Every year almost 1.5 million visitors dive into around 50 subject areas from planets in astrophysics to cells in biology.
From 64 € pro Person
Duration about 2 hours Groups of 8 people


Technical Museum

The Deutsches Museum, founded in the year 1906, has become an epitome of mind-blowing scientific and technological creations. With its Eight (8) floors of groundbreaking science, collectively containing about 100,000 objects in different areas, this museum is the world’s largest technology museum.

The exhibitions are spread over a broad thematic range, and all objects are collected, preserved, and exhibited to provide educational information to all visitors. The exhibition themes include Astronomy, Agricultural and Food Technology, Photography & Film, Physics, Metallurgy and much much more. The list goes on, but only a personal experience would suffice. You really cannot go wrong by choosing this tour while you’re in Munich.


What To Expect:

  • You get a highly experienced tour guide.
  • You get to experience knowledge and enjoy the live experiments that remove the complexities of science and bring it within your reach.
  • You will discover so much information and exciting facts within a short amount of time through the orientation of your excellent tour guide.
  • I give the most enjoyable presentations, and afterward, you are free to make personal observations and just enjoy the exhibitions.

Whether you are in Munich for vacation, meetings, or work, the tour of this museum is a must for technique and nature lovers. It truly is a recommended break to any vacation stress as it has a relaxing note to it, and that makes all the difference.

Tour Plan

The tour starts out at the entrance and goes to the Planetarium, where we appreciate the beauty of astronomy. We would move on to the IT world, where we see the famous machine ‘Enigma’ alongside the history of Alan Turing, the Cryptanalyst for this machine. We would eventually appeal to our inner technologists when we learn the process of melting metal and machine production

Expect to be in a small group like in a private tour, moving at a moderate pace.

The perfect activity for rainy days or when you must hide from too much sun.

Book this tour in Munich with a professional artist, who understands art and you.


The Museum is wheelchair accessible and is open to all and sundry.

Those are my available times

Meeting Point

What's in

  • Professional City Guide
  • Entrance for Museums, Galleries or exhibits

What's not

  • Foods and Drinks.
  • Transport costs.
  • Tips or gratuities.

General Advices


  • Please book your tour with proper advance.
  • In my opinion, this is not a tour for kids under 7 years, but this is up to you.
  • Alcohol consume is during the tour not allowed.
  • People with disabilities must inform with proper advance about needs and limitations.

Different times for private tours

  • The suggested standard times are a defined for standard tours, but I’ll be happy to arrange your desired start time in the schedule. Just give me a call or send me an email.


  • 24 hours before tour begin are free of charges.

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Experienced Guides

We are all over 10 years working with tours

Easy cancellation

I offer you the most flexible policies

Small Groups

We deliver personal support and stay away from big crowds


All tours are offered in German, English, Spanish and Portuguese

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