Bars in Munichs: Bei Roy Bar missing that party

Bars in Munich open and close every day. Bei Roy Bar was my last stop in Munich before corona. Munich offers many options, but since I was personally working there for some weeks, here my report about Bei Roy Bar. Unfortunately it’s closed now forever.

And do you know why I chose specifically this one right now?

Well, it is because I have worked there in the past. So I got the idea of writing about it. As I have been experienced all the stuff and personal there. I will try to describe it the best I can, especially for my readers.

My own experience in Roy Bar

This bar is perhaps something special to me. Not because I have been working there or any personal connection. Not because of anything that I maybe have achieved in that place. It is because I learned a lot about people and the new generation from the time I have spent in that bar.

Naturally, I had many ups and downs in life. So, of course, the same had been while I was working in that bar.

I was there just for about six months. During that time, I have witnessed many pleasant and less pleasant encounters, many different occasions.

Positive tones

The old manager was the real Roy. He and his mother ran that place when I first visited the bar as a guest in the year 1984.

Many prominent people, not just from Bavaria, but also from other parts of the planet were there often. I meet high prominent guests there, who surprised me with their simplicity and welcoming art. On the other hand, I also experienced unknown people with indescribable arrogance. I use those to enrich my villains in my books.

Unfortunately, the bad characters are more present than the good ones. According to an article from 2009, this is natural on humankind.

Loveable Decoration

The decoration is very full of details and Gunter Grauer sings every day at 11:00 pm which I liked the most.

As I have a sharpened eye for the details I could easily notice them and get the impressions of it. That is definitely one of the best things you can have an encounter with at the Roy Bar when visiting Munich.

The bar offers a cuisine a’ la carte with high-quality wines until 22:00. I have known good quality wines, and here you really will not find low quality at all.

Every night the party goes until 4:00 am or even 6:00 am in the morning. It knew to even worse but I was trying to do my job as a professional so it didn’t bother me.

The crème de ‘la creme from Munich is to be seen there. That is something you definitely mustn’t miss.

The personal is not nice to each other but they always work-friendly to the customers. They will be for you as soon as possible and try to fulfill your wishes quickly. The manager keeps everything under control giving all guests the best.

Gunter Grauer is a friendly person and does a lot to give customers the best possible service.

Other tones

Not everything can be perfect, not even in a dream. Especially when a nosy person (like me) is inspecting.

The saddest experience was with other employees, and this to forget will not be possible. Perhaps due to the usual bad salary policy in Germany, the competition among the employees raised to a social problem. A problem that we all try to excuse and oversee. Some days the personal works over fourteen hours and the tips are scant. Since the tips are shared among the people at the end of the night, the fewer people are working, bigger are the pieces of the cake.

That sharing of the tips used to cause many problems. It was often the case that happens during my shift. It makes you wonder how cruel this world can actually be. Nevertheless, that was my reality so the only thing I could do is to accept it and try to cope with it.

Learning and using

During my experiment, I learned many different characters and I used some of them in my roman “Die blutige Soiree des Grafen Rasnov”. What means “The bloody soiree from the Count Rasnov”. This roman will be launched in English next year.

My personal drink recipe in the few months I worked there was undoubtedly a Gimlet.

Music at the Bar as a signature of it

The bar is under the singer of folk music Gunter Grauer for 18 years. You can hear many great hits from the 1960s since these days ones. Sometimes he shows vocal quartets or quintets on stage. His unique voice and wide repertoire, are an absolute guarantee for the best atmosphere in the auditorium.

Many have been thrilling audiences for years with world hits and songs from the last decades – some arranged in their very own way. For example, songs from the Beatles, Monkeys, Beach Boys, ABBA, Supremes, and many others. As well as one or the other A – Capella number can’t be found in their song selection.

The interesting fact is that the bar has provided three extra buckets of ice cubes with so much ‘hot music’. It will be then suggested to the customers to take their thermometer with them. If they wanted to win a free drink, they should drop their own temperature below 20 degrees Celsius.

Christian Deussen was once at the Roy Bar

Singing is authentic and the voice trained through the years of choir singing can be very delicate. It meets the smallest nuances to the point with a lot of feeling and a lot of heart and soul.

In 2008, he reached the third place in the preliminary decision for the Eurovision Song Contest for San Marino.

In 2015, he starred in the world premiere of the gospel comedy musical ‘One – way Ticket to Heaven’ in London and Munich too. While he was on the day trip to Regensburg, Christian enchanted the spectators of the gala concert with his voice.

He also presented his debut single ‘Auf den Leben’, with which he is represented nationwide in many hit parades in the top spots. So, he wanted to celebrate with his full – length solo wing program ‘Premiere’ right in the Roy Bar.

He had been interpreted both known and less known pieces from many decades of swing history. From legends like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin to Michael Buble and Roger Cicero songs were on the list.

Friend’s experiences and size of the Beer

I have some friends that once had an opportunity to visit this bar. They had a similar opinion to me but I will try to pass it onto you for better and full understanding.

After they found available sits, they got their orders. Some of them had a bottle of prosecco while the other one had a beer. You can only imagine the look on his face when he received a 0.33l beer.

Bavarians normally like to have a 0.5 l beer and this does not fit with the environment. This is a place to enjoy and not get drunk.

My friends and I collected happy memories from that night. Although one of my friends had to calm down. our friend from the incident that happened, he really enjoyed himself there. As he told me, he got a true Bavarian experience.

Many of my guests visit the Roy Bar and report that they were amazed by the decoration. You should put this in your bucket list when visiting Munich.

After a couple of beers, people get happier in this bar after 10:00 pm.

During Oktoberfest, Carnival and other events are almost impossible to have a seat here, but you’ll meet a lot of interesting people.

If you came to early, than visit the Asam Church and come back.

A decision is only yours

Sueddeutsche Zeitung

Good standards, coordinated arrangements and some unforgettable moments you can surely find here. I keep with all the best memories and send proudly my guests there. So you should also try it.

Sueddeutsche Zeitung

Had you visited Bei Roy Bar?

Write to me about your experience. I will consider it in my next review of this bar.

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