Best things to do in Munich my best five

Best things to do in Munich based on my experience. Being the third-largest city in Germany, Munich offers a lot of opportunities to make your vacation or visit memorable. Featuring several historical landmarks or natural locations, the city lets you enjoy epic moments during your trip. This eco-friendly city is recognized for its museums, parks and several artistic sites.

Whether for a short weekend or an extended holiday, seeking services of a travel guide will be useful. If you are planning to visit Munich in the coming time check out my tips for things to do in Munich. The following resume will give you answers to some of your questions such as what to do in Munich. Let me help you to enjoy the best trip of your lifetime:

Alte Pinakothek

For rainy days in Munich, this is my preferred option. It is one of the most visited art collections in Munich. Recognized as one of the world’s oldest art galleries. During your visit to this grand museum, you will be mesmerized by its Neo-Renaissance design. If you are an art lover, like me, you will love exploring the international Masters of painting. The collection is colossal. It affords a significant amount of time to visit all the objects.

Munich Residenz

The list of alternative places to visit in Munich is endless and Munich Residenz (or Munich Royal Residence) is leaving its mark as a must-visit destination in the city. Since the time of King Ludwig I (first half from XIX century) many people could visit the rooms from this fantastic building. After the First World War, it was made open to the public in the form of a Museum and since then it has visited by thousands of tourists from different parts of the world. It is a most majestic palace in entire Germany that features displays, room decorations, unique architecture, and several exhibits as a part of the royal collection.


It is located at the heart of Munich and large part of the square is covered by Neues Rathaus. Marienplatz is a place equal to paradise for shopaholic people and no wonder it is listed in the best things to do in Munich. During December month, you will witness the local Christmas market in full swing, and you can’t stop yourself from purchasing some or other local deco here. Don’t forget to check out a few artistic pieces at local shops that you can take home as a souvenir.

Englisch Garten

If you have spent enough time exploring historical landmarks and palaces of Munich, it’s a time to discover a few options outdoor in Munich like English Garden. Spread over an area of more than 350 hectares, this park boasts about the lake, waterways, pasture, tree groves, and lush lawns. The garden offers opportunities for adventure lovers. The best example is river surfing (Eisbach). It is one of the most famous picnic destinations in Munich where you can take your entire family including kids.


LGBT visitors will have lots of options in this neighborhood. The square presents two statues from famous architects from most famous building from King Ludwig I’s era. In Winter you find many cafes, restaurants and bars for off hours.

Not only for teenies, some bars are over thirty years running under the same owner and others changed the owner, but keep the same flair. If you don’t know Freddie Mercury was many times here and even some his video-clips were done her.

Fazit of best things to do in Munich

Munich boasts about several such extraordinary traveling destinations and you need to do lot of planning to cover maximum places in short time. Hiring a professional and experienced travel guide is a good idea as he will help you to plan your itinerary in most organized way. A travel guide will also offer you valuable information of the Best things to do in Munich and amazing facts regarding the places you are planning to visit in Munich.

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