She was very elegant and shy. She covered her face with her long black hair. A sparkle of her eyes came through, but there was no glance in them.

Part 2 from the series Valley of the broken dolls

Who Could Know? Though Hannah, The Nurse. Paloma Never Spoke About Any Feelings. Everybody Around Her Just Assumed That She Had Felt.

She walked into the room through the door like walking on a stage. Every step seemed to be idealized. It was like behind such a delicate face would be nothing.

Nothing more than a black hole, that sucks all emotions. Every day for eight years she visited her mother at the hospital, and so probably she lost in those years all emotions.

Who could know? Though Hannah, the nurse. Paloma never spoke about any feelings. Everybody around her just assumed that she had felt. But nobody questioned, what kind of feeling those were.

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Published on 16/08/2016
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