The Muse – Short Story by Paul Riedel

Die Muse von Paul Riedel
I wrote the first version from The Muse in 1998. This was almost the reality I lived once in my own gallery.

Episode 3 from The valley of the broken dolls

It is not easy to prevail in a society dominated by a small circle of influent people.

This knows Myrte, a Munich gallerist, after eight years in Mr. Brenner’s Gallery very well.
At a jubilee celebration of the gallery Brenner, she is trying out a new concept to overtake her competitors.
Impostors, wanna-be Stars and drama queens surround her day and every minute seems to culminate in a catastrophic day.

A group of scary statues, a dancer that can’t perform, and Mr. Brenner disappeared. But he promised that a friend of him can solve all the problems. This friend is his Muse.

48 Pages
Published on 19/11/2019
Format : A5
ISBN: 9783750400559
Printed by: Books on Demand
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