Can I work with GetYourGuide?

Searching for possibilities to offer my tours in the virtual market, I came to GetYourGuide. They are too silent and don’t ask too much, or they block you.

First time I got in touch with this company they wrote, that they are selecting products and too much people were interested on their exclusive platform, and so on. This was far too much of self-congratulation, but I just smiled and suggested having contact in a later possibility. This was already in the year 2018.

Since I have a 5-Star profile with best reviews and references, I observed how exclusive those guys are. The products they offer for Munich are common and are just from some companies that offer their products everywhere. So far for “exclusive”.

But I didn’t stop waiting, I was interested to learn why they don’t want to offer better qualified products, like other companies I know. Researching the content and partners, I came to the conclusion that the arrogance is originated in Munich and not everywhere. I found many small companies in other countries.

But, Why are people from Munich refusing to have more partners?

I ask myself

The more you research, the less you want to know about this company. So I came to this article:

is getyourguide reliable? 8 years ago Save

I tried booking skip the line tour of the Vatican, sistine chapel and st Peters balisca thru Tripadvisor and it linked me to getyourguide page where a 3 hour tour is quite cheap compared to other tour companies such as dark rome and walks of Italy.

Initially tried booking from the official Vatican website but its sold out.

The price for GetYourGuide is the same as if booked thru the official Vatican webiste. Is getyourguide reliable?

MAHA24 wrote

But everywhere you can find customers with something to argue, that’s true. Every time I ready reviews, I have the feeling, that most of them do not fit to the platform and report about other subjects and not what others would like to read.

So happened with Silvia Mendez, and she was not happy with the organization as well.

But I asked myself, is the company structure the problem?

In answer to many of my attempts to get in touch with some management, I received the experience from many workers from this company in an e-mail.

18 from the 75 ex-workers gave the lowest rate for the company and from the 75 reviews more than half do not recommend the company. The same was to be seen in indeed.

To offer my services through a company, I must be sure, that I’m not supporting companies, who don’t pay taxes in Germany or Europe, they work in affordable conditions for workers (that’s why I can’t work with Amazon).

I accepted the situation as Karma. Something seemed to be not as it should.

Yes, they are big. Yes, they are easy to use, but are they a company for my products?

I’m convinced, that bad reviews are not enough to evaluate a company, but their attitude seems to confirm the reported experiences from other ex-workers and some ex-partners give a better idea about the management of this company. They do in sales what I know as “elephant-hunting”.

Big companies with cheap prices and huge amounts of sales is what they offer. For the customer, this also means, they will charge 30% over the original price from small companies. When looking for a good platform ask before, how much they charge from their partners. This will help you to be sure, that their partners are not starving or being usurped.

GetYourGuide must wait a little

For me the decision was easy, they don’t want a small business like me and I don’t need a company that explores their workers. Now is up to you to do the right decision when booking your next trip.

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