Christmas in Munich: I love X-Mas Decorations

Christmas in Munich is a synonym of beautiful decorations. Hand made cards and decorations are my favorite entertaining. I enjoy turning my home in magic.

Christmas in Munich is a synonym of beautiful decorations. Hand made cards and decorations are the complement to my favorite part of the year. I enjoy turning my home into a magical fairy-tale scene. Gorgeous ornaments, table decor and of course, a Christmas tree, are a tradition I simply adore.

Did you hear about eco-friendly decorations?

Although this part of the year should be filled with joy and happiness, I simply cannot ignore the fact of how Holliday’s craziness and shopping affect our environment and our beautiful planet.

We find now an ecologically safe decoration in all Christmas markets. I wrote some addresses for you here: German Christmas market. People are taking this issue more seriously. As a true environmentalist, I extremely care about not hurting nature.

Some people still tend to buy fresh-cut Christmas trees just to throw them away in less than a month. Instead of this sad practice, I encourage you to buy an environmentally friendly Christmas tree that will serve you in years to come. You will save your money and spear the life of innocent trees at the same time.

Recycle unused materials and create charming ornaments

We are absolutely addicted to shopping. And Christmas is the most profitable Holliday of all. I understand how hard it is to stay immune to all of the sales-luring around you, but think of your environment the next time you rush to buy that “breath-taking” plastic Christmas decoration.

Instead of supporting the massive production and unhealthy social habits, try to make some decorations out of recycled materials. I made a beautiful table decoration out of the plastic bottles, old sweaters, and some eco-friendly colorful spray. You can also cut the lemon into round slices, dry them and spray them into different colored sugar. They will look like shiny stars if you color them in gold or silver and put on your eco-friendly Christmas tree.

Eatable decoration

Honestly, my favorite environmental-friendly decorations are cookies. Who doesn’t love them? In my humble opinion, they are the final touches on every occasion, celebration, and Holiday. They are the most fun and tasty decoration you can get, and they don’t harm the environment.

When you have kids for visit, you can make a cookie baking challenge. I love to create shapes and tales with figures and sometimes I produce a christmas theater with cookies as actors. It’s funny and different. I already had a full stage made of cookies. It’s not so much work and make the event more memorable.

The next time you visit Munich, I recommend you stop by in one of the many beautiful shops and buy some homemade cookies.

My friendly advice is to get a city tour guide who will show you the most famous traditional bakeries and shops. Bavarians are famous for making the best Gingerbread hearts, perfect as a present, tasty and great as decoration at the same time. Bavarians are also known for other famous cookies like Lebkuchen, Zimtsterne, and Pfeffernüsse.

Let’s make some environmentally safe X-Mas decorations

Share your ideas on how to make a perfect Christmas decoration without harming our beautiful planet. If you know how to make some other eco-friendly ornaments, my blog welcomes you and your ideas. We have to take care of nature as she takes care of us.

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