Christmas in Nuremberg for an unforgettable vacation

Christmas in Nuremberg is romantic, memorable and unique. One of the wonderlands of Germany, Nuremberg. T

Christmas in Nuremberg is romantic, memorable and unique. One of the wonderlands of Germany, Nuremberg. This city beautifully lies in northern Bavaria. A German city with astonishing attractions.

Nuremberg is a good alternative to Munich Christmas Markets and really not very far from the Bavarian capital city. Here things to do, but do you know its most-talked highlight that can mesmerize anyone in the universe? Well, it is all about Christmas markets and celebrations that start in November. Which is the most-awaited time of the year. Consider Germany a one giant Christmas Market, and Nuremberg is its cute little branch.

You may have heard about the Christmas markets in Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich. Today, you will discover every nook and corner during Christmas time in Nuremberg. Stay tuned!

Why are Nuremberg Christmas Markets Famous in the World?

First things first, Nuremberg is one of the best gateways to enter Germany, cause of the close-to-the-city airport. Another advantage is its perfect place that promotes the Christmas atmosphere. Now the entire universe is very well-aware of the fact that Nuremberg is a hub for Chrismaholics.

Everybody knows the yummiest taste of gingerbread and sausages that you can have at the markets.

How can one forget about the Bavarian culture, which reflects everywhere in the city during Christmas time?

Of course, you can see the Bavarian traditions and norms in other months of the year. But November and December are more picturesque.

Nuremberg Christmas Markets

One of the oldest markets in Germany, Nuremberg Christmas Market, dates back to the 17th century. Quite famous among the visitors and travelers. It offers up the quintessential German Christmas Market experience.

One prominent highlight of every market is Christmas Angel, also known as the Christkind. In the rest of the world, it’s Santa Clause who distributes gifts among the kids. In Germany, and specifically Nuremberg, a beautiful little angel with blonde hair gives lovely presents to the children.

Isn’t it incredible? Anyway, let’s find out the Christmas markets in the center that set in different corners of the place.

The Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt

Settled at the Hauptmarkt, the main square in the city, the Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt. This is the central one in the Bavaria, is quite exceptional with its candy-cane style rooftops and hundreds of vendors. They sell beautiful things, including ornaments, toys, food, drinks, and much more stuff. If you’re planning to decorate your Christmas tree at home, make sure to buy decorations from this market because it has almost everything one can want. From lights to lanterns, you will get there.

Moreover, you can also find Christmas pyramids, nutcracker figurines, and traditional candle arches at reasonable prices. It will be unfair to skip prune people, and you can discover over 350 different fruit-and-nut prune man figures, including musicians, hikers, devil, ministers, and chimney sweeps there.

Children’s Market

Kinderweihnacht or Children’s Market, which is only a 3-minute walk from the central square, is a stunning place with a mini Ferris wheel, a steam train, and a carousel. It is specially designed for kids as the stalls are smaller in size so that they can buy things by themselves.

This place is a mini wonderland for children, and everyone should visit it whether they have kids or not. The setting of the market is captivating, and there are a lot of crafts and decorations that are suitable for little angels.

The Sister Cities Market

Visit a bit north of the central square of Hauptmarkt, there is another famous market, the Sister Cities Market, which is a unique place that represents 24 booths from the sister cities of Nuremberg around the universe, and it is quite different because it doesn’t include the traditional German flavor.

Isn’t it astonishing that you can explore various famous items from all over the earth in one place? You can find textiles from Shenzhen, Nicaraguan coffee from San Carlos, wool goods from Glasgow, and many things from other sister cities, and some of the places include Antalya, Atlanta, Kharkiv, Krakow, Nice, Gera, Prague, Skopje, and Kavala. Useless to say, food and drinks are among the highlights of the market.

Eating at Nuremberg Christmas Markets

Without food and drinks, no market can be completed ever, and when it comes to Nuremberg Christmas Markets, you have no idea what you can eat if you visit all of the markets. Find out the specialties of them.

Lebkuchen (Gingerbread)

The most-favorite sweet for Germans, Lebkuchen or Gingerbread, is a must-included food in Christmas markets because of its delicious taste and mouth-watering appearance. Made of spices and nuts, Lebkuchen is a must-try thing there.

Glühwein (hot mulled wine)

Cooked with flavored spices, Gluhwein, which is a hot mulled wine, is arguably the official drink in Germany, and it’s a must-drink liquor at the Christmas markets, too. This is made out of blueberry wine, and it always mixed with cinnamon, cloves, and anise.


A kind of Gluhwein, Feuerzangenbowle, is a wine with a sugar cube on top and soaked in rum, and it can give you warmth in the cold time of December. Nuremberg has the record of having the largest Feuerzangenbowle in the universe, and even a single pot contains more than 9000 liters. Moreover, it takes up to 48 hours to warm up this drink.


Rostbratwursts or Nurembergers are small, finger-sized pork sausages that are among the hot-favorite snacks to eat. Try them with German mustard, and you will forget to stop.

Flammkuchen (flatbread)

A flatbread, Flammkuchen, is like pizza covered with toppings such as Cheese, Onions, Crème Fraiche, and Bacon. It is available at every Christmas market, and one should try it because of its unique appearance and tempting smell.

Gebrannate Mandeln (Roasted Almonds)

With its tempting smell that can mesmerize a person from a distance, Sweet Gebrannate Mandeln or Roasted Almonds are among the yummiest snacks in all the Christmas markets.

Shopping at Nuremberg Christmas Markets

It’s a bit challenging to keep oneself away from shopping when you are at the Christmas market. Isn’t it? How can you forget to buy gifts and souvenirs for your friends and family? So, find out what you can buy for them at Nuremberg Christmas markets.


Hand-carved wooden ornaments or any other ones are available at Nuremberg Christmas markets, and if you love to collect distinct and weirdly-attractive things, make sure to visit these locations. You will find them at cheaper rates with high quality.

Nuremberg Prune People

“With a prune guy in your home, wealth and satisfaction stay, too.” It is a translation of a famous German saying, so getting a prune man is mandatory for you. You can find at any Nuremberg Christmas market with ease. The city is the originated destination if it, so it is quite extraordinary for the locals.

Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations are among the highlights of the Nuremberg Christmas markets, and they are all at affordable prices. From lights to candles to lanterns to Christmas stars to everything that can decorate your home and tree in a beautiful style, you will get them there.

Besides Christmas Markets in Nuremberg

Nuremberg doesn’t only have Christmas markets to discover and praise, but you can explore plenty of other sites and attractions in the city. Don’t know any of them? No worries, get ready to learn about all the prominent places.

Uncover the facts about the Imperial Castle

A symbol of the city, the Imperial Castle, which represents Nuremberg for more than 1000 years, is one of the top-rated tourist attractions in the German land, and its tower and iconic artwork will mesmerize you for sure. World War II damaged its most part, but it was restored after that.

Visit the top-notch Christmas Store

A Christmas store in the city with all the decorations that you may not find in the Christmas markets. Kathe Wohlfahrt, is a must-see site in Nuremberg. It always opens throughout a year, so visit the location to discover all sorts of ornaments, smokers, and things.

Take an unforgettable Stagecoach Tour

Take a Stagecoach tour in only 4.0 Euros (2.5 Euros for kids), and do sightseeing in the city. You will visit the old town, the cobblestone streets, and all the sky-scrapers there. It will be one memorable tour that will last in your memories for a lifetime.

To put it briefly, Nuremberg is a fascinating location that offers a variety of Christmas markets. It also features other tourist destinations to discover. Every nook and cranny there is worth seeing. The visitors can find all the products, whether at markets or other stores. Everybody should spend Christmas at Nuremberg, and far better with a good city guide.

Just some kilometers north from Nuremberg you may find Regensburg.

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