Christmas Markets Munich, the Highlights

No Christmas Markets Munich visit can be completed without snacks, drinks, and unique products to purchase, and the famous food and beverages of almost every Munich Xmas markets are those products


Probably the most refreshing drink in the place, Gluhwein or mulled wine, is everybody’s favorite, and if you want to make your trip to the best Christmas markets in Munich memorable, you should try Gluhwein and its different flavors. You will love it.


Kinderpunsch is a hot drink made with different spices and juices to get the heat in it, and it’s a non-alcoholic beverage that is quite perfect for children and non-drinkers.


One of the best parts of Christmas, Feuerzangenbowle, which is quite similar to gluhwein, is a delicious drink that topped with a soaked sugar cube in rum, and it will boost your mood for sure. Spend a few bucks to enlighten your night in the city.


If you are an alcoholic, you should taste this egg-based drink equivalent to eggnog, and its name is Eierpunsch.

Roasted Almonds

The delicious and the yummiest snacks in Munich Christmas markets, Roasted Almonds, have this refreshing smell that you can recognize from a distance, too. Some people can even call them Christmas cracks, so must try it if you don’t want to regret later. Don’t miss the best Christmas markets Munich.


No doubt, the pleasant smell of sausages (Wurst) will increase your appetite, so don’t forget to taste large bratwursts, and the little Nurnberger Rostbratwursts are delicious, too. The taste of these sausages will force you to buy more and more.


Rohrnudel is a fluffy dumpling smothered in vanilla sauce, and it also serves with a fruity jam filling, too.

Impressive Products to Buy at Munich Xmas Markets

Fully-packed with vendors who sell unique and beautiful things, Munich Christmas markets are exceptional mediums to buy traditional products as well as gifts and souvenirs for family and friends. Specially the Marienplatz christmas market Munich. Check out the list of prominent products you can purchase at Christmas markets in Germany’s third-largest city.

Paper Star Christmas Lantern

One thing you will see everywhere in Munich Christmas markets is Paper Star Christmas Lantern, and these are so fascinating and charming that you will probably want to watch them for a while. These colorful star lanterns are mesmerizing, and they make the environment more charismatic.

Ornaments in Christmas Markets Munich

Ornaments such as carved wooden pieces, handcrafted material, and hand-painted baubles are among the top-notch products at Christmas markets. Almost every stall will also show you a demo of them, and you can check the talent of the creators, too. The quality of the ornaments is quite high.

Handmade Candles and Holders

The beautiful wooden and customized hand-made candles and holders are among the gorgeous gifts to buy at Christmas markets, and they all are in different shapes, materials, and sizes. You can purchase them to enhance your home décor or to gift someone.


German Christmas markets take nutcrackers to a whole new level, and they are available in all shapes and sizes. Not only these, but you can buy other gorgeous products, too. All you need is to explore the markets a lit bit, and you will find unique items that are mostly hand-made and traditional.

Sheepskin Products

How can one forget about the most appealing sheepskin products such as moccasins and stylish coats that increase the worth of Christmas markets? These fluffy items are elegant and graceful, so you should explore them.

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