City Guide Munich: Choosing the right Guide

City Guide Munich may have different meanings. Are you a travel enthusiast? Do you love exploring new cities, their lives and culture? So, which is the next city on your list?

Well, traveling to new cities can be both overwhelming and exciting. But, how do you plan your tour across the city you are exploring? And far more important how much history or fun are enough?

The best way to know a city is by seeking the help of someone who has been a part of that city. This is where the role of travel guides come into the picture. A travel guide not only helps plan your itinerary, but they also provide detailed insights into the history, culture, and life of the place you are visiting. Choosing a travel guide should definitely be one of the items on your trip planning checklist.

Titles are meaningless. You must know how entertaining your guide can be and how much knowledge you really want. Being bored by a talking maschine is really not fun.

Once you have decided that you need to hire a travel guide, the next question is how to hire one. You will come across endless stories of travelers describing their experience of a travel guide. Remember, the choice of a travel guide will make the difference between a memorable and horrible experience. Choosing a travel guide without asking any questions is a risk, and may end up wasting your money.

Never choose a guide based on price

None who visited art classes, universities or other specialized schools can work just for tips. Considering, that those professionals must know at least two languages fluently, it would be unfair to be paid unfairly.

Agencies try to offer the best price disregarding the delivered quality. this doesn’t mean they are not interested in quality, but how to pay accordingly, if you don’t have money?

I considered those factors because every time a customer reported some problem with experience, every time was the same. The customer used price comparison search machines, or “black Friday” or even worse “Free Tours”. Who can afford to work for free?

Choosing the right guide

Here are a few questions when choosing the right guide you need to ask a travel guide before hiring –

  • Travel guides may work independently or with a company. It is important to know the details of their experience. Ask them how many years of experience they have in total, and also the years of experience visiting the city you are traveling to.
  • If the travel guide is working independently, there is a greater apprehension. So, ask for references from previous clients and know their experience.
  • Are you taking an adventure trip or a leisure trip? Is there any destination you specifically want to cover? Discuss your goals of the trip with the guide, and ask him the plan. This will ensure that your trip expectations are met and you receive value for money you are investing.
  • Ask the travel guide whether the tour will be a group tour or personal. If it is a group tour, ask the number of people in each group.
  • Is the tour designed for beginners or experts? You need to certainly ask this question if you are looking for a specialty tour like an art or history tour. For specialty tours, the travel guide needs to be an expert on the subject too. Just imagine being a student of art, you are being given information from a non-expert on the subject!
  • Ask the travel guide on how he is planning to overcome the language barrier? Most travel operators perform well in their native language, but when it comes to a foreign language, they may miss out on communicating important points. On the other hand, you will want to be given a tour in the language you are fluent in and comfortable with. So, make sure you ask if your language is one of the main languages of the tour or not.

Your city guide Munich is a Travel Companion

The knowledge and personality of a travel guide make a huge difference to your trip! So, make sure you do proper research before choosing a travel guide. The above-mentioned tips will definitely help you to choose the right guide for your upcoming tour.

When you’re hiring tour guides (or if you’re a tour guide yourself) what are the qualities that stand out to you the most?

Are we missing any from the list?

Let me know!

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