Football in Bavaria – FC Bayern Munich

Apart from our culture, tradition, and habits, football is something truly popular too. FC Bayern Munich is the pride of Bavaria.

A mixture of extraordinary scenery, beautiful landscapes, local culture of big significance, and famous music festivals, the state of Bavaria is a gold-miner for tourists. Thanks to a lot of different things people can experience here, it represents one of the most visited places in Germany.

Since its establishment in the world of football, FC Bayern quickly became a true force. Hence, as a tour guide, it’s not necessary to describe how lucky I am to be able to provide you interesting facts about it.

What about FC Bayern achievements?

Speaking of Bayern Munich’s achievements is an ungrateful task. It is simply hard to figure out where to begin.

Starting from 1900 when it was officially founded, it took 32 years to reach the first national title in 1932. Although Bayern has been representing a competitive team shortly after it began to exist, the fans had to wait for a couple of decades to gain its full potential. A Bundesliga, the highest-rated German national league where this club competes nowadays, was established in 1963. But Bavaria wasn’t welcoming for football. A few years later, in the season 1965-1966, the growth of attention to football as a popular sport began. I assume that television was partially responsible for this social change.

Since the club established itself as a reliable competitor in the Bundesliga, successes were only lined up one upon another. The Mid 70s is a period of the most significant results that FC Bayern managed to achieve. Led by the stars like Franz Beckenbauer (who was named twice for the best European player of the year), 3 European trophies were lifted. Under the captaincy of this phenomenal sportsman, who is the only defender in history that possesses 2 or more Balloon d’Ors, FC Bayern seemed like an unstoppable force on the pitch. 

Until today, a lot of different titles were attributed to the biggest club in Germany:

  • 3 times won European Champions Clubs’ Cup (now Champions League) and 3 times Champions League which circling the number of total 6 times being a European champion
  • 31 times won National Championship (Bundesliga)
  • 20 titles of German National Cup
  • 1 time UEFA Cup winner
  • 2 times FIBA Club World Cup Winner
  • 2 times International Cup winner
  • 1-time winner of Cup Winners
  • 2 times UEFA Super Cups winner
  • 6 times League Cup winner
  • 9 times German Super Cup winner

Altogether, it reaches 80 titles won by this club till now. Any citizen of Bavaria feel proud about it.

The biggest stars

As with every big football club in the world, Bayern also had many stars throughout it’s history. Those are considered players who left an indelible mark on this clubs’ achievements. But not only that. Another parameter that the fans usually took into consideration is the length of players’ service at the club and the captain role. With this in mind, the previously mentioned Franz Beckenbauer is surely one of the best this club ever had. But he is not the only one, of course. Throughout it’s rich history, Bayern Munich had dozens of skillful players that affected the entire football world.

Lothar Matthaus

From many names that successfully played for Bayern, Lothar Matthaus is surely the one that shouldn’t be missed. Although he spent only 4 seasons in the Bavarian club (1984-1988), he managed to win a few important titles like German Cup and National Championship. With a total of 113 appearances, Bayern is his second club by that number. However, he succeeded in scoring 57 goals which are remembered as his biggest score for a single club. 

After winning the 1990 FIFA World Cup, where he represented West Germany, Lothar Matthaus has won the title of the best footballer in the world (Ballon d’Or). He is also known for participation in the Ballon d’Or Dream Team in the year 2020. But what German fans will not forget about him is that he is the only player who gained an award from FIFA World Player Of The Year. Until today, no German player managed to repeat this success. Hence, Bayern ones too.

Klaus Augenthaler

Perhaps this mans’ name doesn’t seem famous, but his significance for Bayern Munich surely is. 7 times winner of a National Championship, Klaus has been considered as one of the most important players in Bayerns’ long history.

Besides that, he also won 3 German cups and lost 2 European Champions Cup finals. His biggest achievement, excluding titles, is a solidity that he provided to the German side against Argentina when they took away the victory of 1:0 as guests. The mental stability and courage of this player will never be forgotten by any Bayern Munich or German National Team fan.

Gerd Muller

Gerd Muller is another player that left a remarkable mark in Bayern Munichs’ history. With 453 apps and 398 goals scored for Bavarians, he is someone who will be in the hearts of the fans for eternity. He is known as one of the most prolific forwards of all times and not just Germany. 

Gerd became a member of Bayerns’ squad in 1964 and made astonishing partnerships with Franz Beckenbauer and Sepp Maier. This trio represented the best group of players collected in the same team back then. With Gerd Muller around, Bayern secured 3 National Championship titles, 4 German Cups, and 3 consecutive European Champions Cups. He scored in the final replay in 1974 and the year after too. 

Other titles that he collected in his career at Bayern were 1 International Cup and European Cup Winners’ Cup once. 

A little bit of history

As a travel guide, it would be awkward not to mention some historical data, right? Well, Bayern Munich has plenty of it.

In a period from 1900-1965, this club was fighting to find its place among the stars. It was founded by gymnastics club participants (MTV 1879). After a meeting of all the MTV 1879 members in 1900 brought a decision to disallow footballers to become members of the German Football Association, a revolution happened. Namely, 11 of them decided to disobey this rule and create their team. That’s how Bayern Munich became his long journey towards future successes.

Before & After The Wars

As the club was founded before the 2 world wars, it is not hard to assume how hard at the beginning it was. Bayern had thorns on its path too. This club existed a little more than a full decade before World War I came. Before it, this club was in its progression. Before the start of the war, Bayern reached the semifinal of the South German Championship in their first season as a club. A few local trophies arrived after and Bayern became a member of the first regional Bavaria league called “Kreisliga”. Bayern claimed a victory but soon the war started and all sports activities in the country collapsed.

In the period between World War I and World War II, there were no significant results for Bayern as they had to get rid of many club members. They were Jewish so they had to abandon the country. But, after the second war ended, the light at the end of a tunnel appeared once again. Although the club faced relegation in 1955, it came back the season after. 

In the 1950s, a financial crisis appeared and the club was on the edge of its existence. However, an industrialist called Roland Endler saved the club in the year of 1958. An injection of financial stability was enough to slowly return the club on the right path.

Shortly after, the golden age of Bayern Munich came. Since then, this club is considered one of the best in the world.

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