German Painters: Learn about Domenico Quaglio

Domenico Quaglio one of the many extraordinary artists in Bavaria. An exquisite painter, engraver, architect and designer.

German painters belong to any school of art worldwide. Domenico Quaglio one of the many extraordinary artists in Bavaria. An exquisite painter, engraver, architect and designer. His work can be seen in many museums in Bavaria and around the world.

I enjoy visiting galleries and museums and discover the beauty in fantastic artworks around Munich.  Domenico Quaglio is definitely one of my favorite Bavarian artists. I was truly touched the first time I visited the exhibition of his paintings.

A talented child turned into extraordinary painter

Domenico Quaglio was born in Munich in 1787 in the famous Italian artistic family.

Thanks to the support of his father, Domenico had a chance to develop his skills at the Munich Art Academy. Other prestigious schools in England, France, and Italy were done as well.

After Domenico finished his studies, he decided to settle in his home city – Munich. Thanks to his enormous talent, Domenico quickly gained the reputation of the incredible artists.

World-known museums like MET and Harvard Art Museum show artworks from Quaglio. Further works are in addition to museums in Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin, Leipzig, etc. Here, you can purchase fantastic replicas of his paintings, or simply visit an online art gallery and explore Domenico’s work.

Nothing can compare to the experience of truly seeing the piece of art in person. Further, you can always save this option as a backup plan for a rainy day.

Domenico was ahead of his time

The beauty of the Hohenschwangau castle, decorated by Domenico Quaglio is incomparable.

The castle is one of the most beautiful touristic attractions in Bavaria. But only the right tour guides are familiar with all the history and heritage of this impuissant architecture.

Visit the castle Hohenschwangau in one of the daily Munich castle tours. I encourage you for instance to join one, no matter if you travel alone or in a group.

Prince Maximillian chooses among many designers and architects, Domenico. The Prince was one of the regular customers above all of the talented artists. He literally left his body and soul in this castle as he died here in 1837.

The uniqueness from Domenico Quaglio beyond German painters

What impressed me the most is how Domenico’s drawings and paintings are realistic and full of life. You don’t have to be a professional artist to stay speechless in front of his arts.

My friendly advice is to visit the great Stadt Museum in Munich. There you can see why he is the most famous veduta painter.

Even though he didn’t live too long, Domenico Quaglio managed to achieve great things in his life. He was in addition to all one of the founders of the art association in Munich. Domenico had a privilege to work as a painter and decorator for the gorgeous Royal theater in Munich. See his original approach in many monuments and buildings around Bavaria.

If you are passionate about art as I am, I invite you to share your stories on my blog. Let’s discover together the artists who shaped the world we know today. Stay tuned because I will come back with another great figure and story next week.

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