Going Shopping in Munich: 5-Hoffe Style is a must

Shopping in Munich needs an expertise. You want quality and be seen on what you are wearing. This time I will be delighted to visit my experiences in Munich.

Shopping in Munich needs an expertise. Over best prices, you want quality and be seen on what you are wearing. This time I will be delighted to share some of my personal experiences from shopping in Munich. I am going to share with you how does it feel to spend a day at 5-Hoffe in Munich.

I suppose that everybody likes spending some money on shops, especially if you are a female (or some variation of it).

We all know how the word ‘shopping’ itself can have an impact on us. Creating a huge smile of satisfaction on our faces. I assume that is something that we all love since our childhood.

We all can remember our new year’s packet of sweets. How we had been expecting a Santa’s one in front of our Christmas tree.

Certainly, it can’t be forgotten, at least I can’t.

Girls have always been owed when they receive some gifts. Whether is it for their birthday or any less relevant event. Because of that, I have no doubt that shopping is also something they like pretty much too.

I know that everyone is eager to surprise its beloved mother, sister or wife by going on shopping tours. It is the same with kids, I am assured.

5-Hoffe Shopping Mall in General

The 5-Hoffe shopping mall is located in the center of Munich between Odeonplatz and the Old Town of Marienplatz.

It was created from 1998 to 2003 after the coring of a ‘HypoVereinsbank’ building complex.

In the year of 2004, the 5-Hoffe was sold to ‘DIFA’ and since then the official name has been CityQuartier 5 Hoffe.

This place is really massive. It is spread in the approximately 14000 square meter area. It offers around 60 different stores and about 2500 square meters of cafes and restaurants. They also include the Hypo-Kunsthalle which displays temporary exhibitions on changing themes, artists, and epochs.

It may not be noticed so easily, but there are almost 24500 square meters of office space as well as some 3200 square meters of apartments.

The ensemble is considered to be a world-class elegant to undercooled. The shops and pubs are predominantly related to the upscale price classes.

Art in 5-Hoffe

Art in 5-Hoffe has so much to offer. In my opinion, one of the prettiest things to see at this mall is a Kunsthalle. In this part of the mall, people can see a lot of inspiring artworks from different artists. The one I personally like is Olafur Eliasson’s masterpieces.

From his acts, the ‘Sphere’ is displayed in the Viscardihof. It is a large hanging ball made of steel mesh. It is really astonishing.

But there are some other artworks displayed that are worthy of being seen. I would recommend the ‘Hanging Gardens’ by Tita Giese, located in the Salvatorpassage. The other ones are definitely glass sequined mosaics made of round-cut which can be found in the Prannerpassage.

Clear window glasses are inserted into the gray exposed concrete in the walls and ceilings on 317 square meters of the Meyer’sche Hofkunstanstalt. They are creating glitter effects so it is really nice to see.

This part of the mall is absolutely worth visiting though. It is far less crowded than all the other shops by Marienplatz and co. Also, there are a couple of really nice shoe shops and some restaurants and cafes nearby if you get tired.

The architecture is really cool with different passages being connected with each other, hence the 5 courts. That didn’t pass to my sharp details eye.

5-Hoffe in Munich Cedon Museum Shop

The Galerie Wittenbruk is a port of call for contemporary painting, sculpture, photography and more. Following a museum visit you can deepen your impressions in the Cedon Museum Shop. Here, art lovers will find literature and other souvenirs relating to the exhibition currently displayed in the Kunsthalle.

Art is really omnipresent in the 5-Hoffe indeed. A lot of crazy artworks are on disposal too, of course, I can’t reach to mention all of them.

But I am assuring you that every single one of them is worthy of respect and admiring. So, if you maybe like art and want to combine it with the shopping, you will kill two flies with one shot by visiting this place.

Luitpold Cafe

If you want to make a stop for a coffee at your way to the 5-Hoffe in Munich, this café cannot be mistaken. It is an urban coffeehouse, offering a combination of charm, style, cosmopolitan flair on the one hand. Tradition and a passion for good food are on the other.

This phenomenal place is serving a selection of traditional and artfully prepared dishes. There are also delicious coffee specialties and well-known chocolates.

In the Salon Luitpold, you can find regular social and cultural events held. It offers matinee concerts, dance soirees and discussions with distinguished guests from the world of art, culture, and science.

As soon as the sun comes out, the spacious terrace in front of the café on Briennerstrasse fills with passers-by dropping in for relaxation and replenishment.

When it is about the features, here you can find anything you want. From delivery, highchairs available and wheelchair access to a bar that accepts American Express and Mastercard too. Visa is also available and you will have a free wifi connection on disposal if you want to share some pictures from this spot.

This place is listed in Michelin Guide so your expectations should be high.

Fashion in Munich

I think it is not a big secret that the city of Munich is one of the greatest places for purchasing things. It can be said that fashion in Munich possesses some kind of purchasing power and it is surely one of the greatest in entire Europe.

With hordes of shopping malls all competing for stakes in their wealth, shopaholics will find no shortage of places to splash out their cash. The ones where can do it are definitely the fashion boutiques.

Though Munich’s high street is best known for having multiple H&Ms within walking distance of each other, the city also has a thriving boutique scene. Up there you can pick up something a little bit different.

Okay, we are all aware that boutiques are usually reserved for women, but men are also an active part of it.

Munich has plenty of boutiques that provide high-quality staff. ‘Edited’ is just one of them. What makes this boutique recommendable is that it manages to bring together on their website not only a wide range of styles but also a wide range of prices.

Most boutiques are not so cheap and unfortunately not affordable for everyone. But here, you can find simply anything, from a dress for 12 € to a ‘Michael Kors’ number worth 250 €.

Most things are fairly simple block colors, but with unique cuts and styles. Due to its success at putting together a special collection across all price points. ‘Edited’ now has 4 stores in Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, and Frankfurt.

One of the perfumeries in Munich
One of the perfumeries in Munich

Perfumeries as a part of Munich’s fashion

Perfume is a product that all men and women like to use sometime. Its main function as we all know is to erase bad smells from people and make us feel more comfortable.

In Munich, you can find many stores and perfumeries where products of this type can be bought. We all have a unique style and taste, especially when it comes to fashion, make-ups, lipsticks, etc. But one perfumery that must be overlooked is ‘Bruckner Perfumery’.

It is located at the famous Marienplatz. And if you want to be properly advised and don’t want which perfume do you want, then you should come here.

In this perfumery, you will be advised as well as it was normal 50 or 100 years ago. So, you will have a feeling like you are the most loving customer. And that is exactly what makes this store so unique and special.

Nice employees with patience for your indecision and always good suggestions up their sleeves. Let’s just hope that it will still be around for many years to come.

Karstadt Perfumery

This store is the equivalent of Macy’s in the USA. It is not very big and the selection is not probably as big as a USA Macy’s but it will satisfy you. It both has almost the same sections of clothes, cologne, perfume. If you are an American, you are going to feel like at homeland.

The center is located right in the center of town near the main tram station so it is pretty available.

It was a Christmas time recently and I will absolutely recommend this store during that time of the year.

The concept delivers some diversity and fun. Santa and his assistant are truly terrific. There is also a toy section for kids. During this time there are always some special editions in the collection ready to be sold.

I hope that kids are lured by the toys here. Sundays is closed though, like all German retailers. But, don’t let that bother you because you have 6 days per week to go shopping at these stores!

In case you want to check some tips for your visit, check this article.

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