Going to best Munich Beer: Donisl

Best Munich Beer are quite easy to find, but you must be update with the quality of food and service. Donisl is one of my favourites.

Best Munich Beer are quite easy to find, but you must be update with the quality of food and service. You as my readers have probably noticed so far that I am a person who likes to regularly visit bars and restaurants like Donisl through Bavaria.

I am kind of a perfectionist so I just like to check how quality are some bars and restaurants and how their service can be.

Usually, I found splendid relationship and a nice understanding from all people who work at the bars. If you can remember, I have also been doing it at one bar. So, it is completely normal that I can understand how hard is the work that employees are going through every day.

Often it can be even disgusting. You probably felt yourself some time that ugly feeling when you simply get sick of doing your job.

It is a common case when you work at the restaurant and every chair is occupied, all day through. But that has its own positive parts too.

If your business is filled with people all the time, you have a good business. And eventually your salary at the end of the month.

So, I presume that it is better to have a lot of work at the bar than not have it at all.

Donisl is one of those places, that is ever full and almost no seats are available. This also means you must visit this place when in Munich.

The Restaurant and its tradition

This Bavarian Restaurant is located in Munich’s Marienplatz. I had an opportunity to visit some bars and restaurants in the neighborhood many times. It is maybe even overwhelmed, especially when every bar is on its peak. I normally come here when I have my Beer and Food tour.

But that is just a standard situation at every Bavarian restaurant in the center of the city.

Its work time is from 10:00 am to 11:45 pm, seven days a week. I personally like it when a bar works every day throughout the week. It is because sometimes was the case when I stayed shorted of service on Sundays. During the time the most bars are closed.

That was not the case at this bar so I was more than delighted to hear that.

People at the local stand for Traditional Bavarian gastronomy in the course of time. They like to present Donisl in the ‘here and now’, without losing the tradition. That shows their commitment to the bar and how they want to represent it in the best possible way.

For them, tradition is more than descend customs. Because each generation influences those, evolves them or just new ones are formed. That is the definition of tradition at the Donisl.

Here, they live it and you can truly experience it.

Service and food in best restaurants Munich

When it comes to food I often have limited stuff to try. Because I am vegetarian as you know already. So, sometimes it’s hard to find an appropriate meal for myself. Naturally, every restaurant has enough to offer for us non–meat-eaters. This is a good option instead of Zum Augustiner.

At the Donisl you can enjoy either traditional Bavarian classics or their modern interpretations. The kitchen crew at the bar have developed their own dishes with lots of creativity and passion. They simply did it with the intention to think out of the box.

You can really feel a culinary enjoyment here and the best what you can get to eat in some Bavarian restaurant.

The service can provide many different things to eat. From snacks, sausages, and soup to stewed specialties and delicious desserts.

But what I have the prettiest to admit is their dedication to the job. The way they are producing the service here is truly phenomenal, at least to say. Commitment is one of the ‘must-have’ things if you maybe consider to apply for a job at this facility.

Sometimes they cannot bring you a meal at the time you have been expecting. But that is absolutely not something to criticize them for. Because of large and constant orders, you will need to be a little patient to get your own one.

That just speaks how this bar actually works. And how they are visited. I am owed by these people’s will to satisfy everyone in the shortest time. That is admirable indeed.

A Beer Hacker – Pschorr

Something really special here is definitely a beer. It has to be on your ‘must-try’ list because it has its own background.

A specialist Hacker – Pschorr is the one responsible for a special taste of beer this bar can provide. Because of him, you can enjoy in genuine Munich breweries. And he has done it so for centuries.

The name Hacker – Pschorr dates back to the marriage of Theresia Hacker and Joseph Pschorr. Under the couple’s leadership, Hacker – Pschorr advanced to become Munich’s leading major brewery in the 18th century. Doing business in a sustainable and environmental manner combined with courage and innovation, that is ‘the heaven of Bavarians’, a Hacker – Pschorr tradition since 1447.

Munich Beer highlight and special event

Besides this special beer Hacker – Pschorr, this bar can offer up to 10 different beer sorts. The highlight of the restaurant is, however, a ‘Munich Edelhell’ beer from a wooden barrel.

But that is not all my friends. This bar can also offer you a beer tasting. For a group of 10 or more persons, it can be offered to you an individual beer tasting experience. It has a couple of beer packages so you can choose what you like the most.

Brunch on Sundays directly at Munich’s Marienplatz

The best activity you can possibly have on a Sunday is probably feasting for hours and spending time with friends and family. If you cannot decide whether it is time for a hearty breakfast or for a real lunch, this facility has the right for you every Sunday.

Believe me.
You should be free just to combine your breakfast with lunch and celebrate extensively their Sunday brunch directly at Marienplatz.

In addition to everything, breakfast lovers desire such as fresh rolls, here you can get much more. A luscious choice of sausage and cheese and cereals are waiting for you besides a lot of salad and soup variations.

Of course, you can also find a hot and hearty delicatessen.

Whether ‘Vitello Tomato’, prawn cocktail, ‘Entrecote with herb butter’, traditional Bavarian pork roast or chocolate cake – at this brunch buffet really everyone will find something to his liking.

Best reserve directly the best places with a view to Munich’s Marienplatz. You should treat yourself for 22,50 euros, if I am not wrong, lots of delicacies and a relaxed start to Sunday from 10 am to 3 pm.

What will definitely gladden you is the fact that their little guests up to the age of 6 can dine for free and children up to 14 years pay half the price. So, if you are among the group of people with the kids of this age, you must not miss this chance.

My personal visit to the Restaurant

My husband and I ate here once during the Christmas Market in Munich. This was one of the first restaurant meals for us in this part of the city. My lovely partner had found this restaurant online and we were excited to try some traditional Bavarian-style fare.

Firstly, I had expected a long wait, but we were seated immediately. Their children’s high chair was nothing like the ones in America. I could notice it just by looking. They had a full, IKEA – style highchair with its own tray. If you have ever eaten with a toddler, you should know how awesome this can be. I can only suppose though. But if you remember, I have a sharp eye for the details so I can judge those things like I am the parent.

Because this was our of first visit here, my husband took Schnitzel. The only problem was that they brought out the wrong order for my husband and even when he told them, instead of fixing it, they just seemed more confused.

But it is just a normal case when you are in a hurry. That’s why I explained earlier how I admire the work of these guys.

He ended up just eating what they brought which was the Vienna – style Schnitzel and he really enjoyed it. I ordered some stew if I can remember and it was delicious. The potatoes that came with the dish were mouth-watering. I also ordered a side of seasonal veggies and was brought out a bowl of sauerkraut. I cannot really tell if this was the seasonal veg. But it was tasty. I also had to try a Hacker – Pschorr beer and was pleasantly surprised. I would order everything all over again.

Overall, I highly recommend this place. It was warm and friendly and we really enjoyed our food. Lastly, for any Americans reading this review – they may seat other parties at your table. It was a nice way to meet some of the locals.

A Banquet at Donisl

I just forgot to mention that this bar can provide a banquet. Whatever the occasion – company party, birthdays, baptism or wedding and whatever you are looking for, from a place for tourists to a classic conference room.

At Donisl you can get the ideal space for every event from 15 – 400 people with all the details specialty tailored to your needs.

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