Is the service of a guide needed for Neuschwanstein castle?

Visiting Germany is something that many people dream of. Neuschwanstein inside is a challenge when you don't have the basics, and the tour is just 30 minutes.

Visiting Germany is something that many people dream of. Neuschwanstein castle inside is a challenge when you don’t have the basic information, because the visit is just 30 minutes. What you really need for a perfect visit, I tell you here.

For those of you, who like traveling, this beautiful country surely comes to mind from time to time, right? Here, you can see many places of great cultural and historical significance, place of many heroes sagas and unforgettable tales. One of states that has the highest number of visitors is of course Bavaria. Tourists frequently come here and visit cities like Füssen, for example, that offer plenty of art and history for everyone bucket list. 

Take a Neuschwanstein tour?

One of the places that I personally like presenting to people is the famous Neuschwanstein Castle. With almost 1.5 million tourists every year, it’s difficult to describe this experience avoiding superlatives. During the summer period, it comes to 5-6k people daily (before corona). But the question is: Do you actually need the services of a guide for it? I would be glad to give you proper insight into it.

You can find the train connections in the local train schedule. Just travel to Füssen.

With the bus 78 you reach Schwangau.

Tickets you must buy in advance at the official ticket center.

But it’s just about reaching the castle?

You should think about it seriously

The guide services in a Neuschwanstein tour usually cover visiting the castle and delivering explanations about it’s magnificence to the traveler. I, as your guide, will always stand at your service so you can feel free to ask whatever you need related to the history. In addition, I am not there to just stand and point my finger at the castle, of course. I give you a plus on presentation, inside knowledge and my experience visiting the castle and the proper preparation for the guest in order to see the details in the castle.

As your guide, my duty is to provide you with all the necessary information about the rooms you’ll visit, from the lobby tills the ballroom. Typically, our get-together will be scheduled for 9:00 in the morning. The trip itself will be done by train. If you can’t reach the place on time, don’t hesitate to call me. I am always willing to answer and help you. That’s who I am.

What kind of a guide would I be if I don’t stand for my tourists? Anyways, feel relaxed and give me a call if anything unexpected shows up. 

Something that you can ask yourself is whether you actually need a guide for this trip. It is an understandable question and I can’t complain about it. But I hope I can persuade you to see how significant it is to have me by your side. You must be aware that, without proper preparation by me, you can easily get lost or miss some details. And that’s what we will try to prevent.

For a total of 35 minutes you are about to spend in the castle, there are many things to experience and see. A guide is not someone who will just organize the tickets and say “This is the Neuschwanstein Castle”. That’s not me. I am there to dramatically present you all the tales and facts you should remember for your life and not just seeing bare walls. There is much more than that.

Neuschwanstein castle inside and historical significance

Before we actually get inside the castle, maybe you should know some facts and historical details about it. I will be glad to provide you with them. Although some of you may have prepared well for this trip, guides are typically the ones who possess something more. Do you know, that castle Neuschwanstein shape is based on a castle named Wartburg?

First of all, you should know that the castle was opened just some weeks after the death of King Ludwig II in the year 1886 by his uncle Luitpold. Since then, it has been open to the public. Yes, it has existed for almost 150 years and is still there. Also known as “a fairy-tale kings’ castle”, today it represents one of the most visited places in entire Europe, besides the wishes from Disney.

Something that I should warn you about is the condition of the castle itself. Namely, it would be beneficial to know that weather changes over the years and the rough climate has affected it badly. It means that perhaps it will need a proper restoration in the upcoming years. In some parts, you can notice how facades are damaged but it can’t seriously affect your impression of the castle, trust me. They do a good job, but this is a endless work.

Political reasons behind its creation

Another important thing is that there are political reasons for the creation of this astonishing and timeless castle. During the time Neuschwanstein Castle was about to be built, Bavaria was an ally with Austria. They have lost the war versus Prussia that was in its expansion., but Bismarck bribed the King somehow and we all delight this marvelous work now days.

So, Bavaria had to capitulate and accept the forced alliance. That affected kings’ right to command his army, but we are still the free state of Bavaria.

Fathers’ influence on King Ludwig II

King Ludwig II had a good relationship with his father, Prince Maximillian II. And that fact had a big impact on future Ludwigs’ plans. What is it about? Well, the king spent his childhood days in the castle called “Hohenschwangau” which is located near the Austrian border (but just a kilometer from Neuschwanstein), and also not far away from Füssen. 

The style that this castle has been built on impressed Ludwig. A gothic-style castle surrounded by mountains stood in the kings’ memory. And that has resulted in a Neuschwanstein Castle. The point is that the king has never forgotten the castle he lived in as a boy. He managed to carry over the style of that castle and implement a similar one onto the castle he will build in the future.

The location

When you are planning to travel somewhere, you need to know its right location, isn’t that correct? That’s what I thought and this is another reason to have an experienced guide on your side.

The location of Neuschwanstein Castle is something that truly puts you in awe. It is a big plus for this castle and something that influenced and attracted tourists, even more, to decide to visit it. At an elevation of 800m, the castle is surrounded by Alpine foothills in the southern part (the one close to the Austrian border) and the northern part filled with hills. 

What would be useful to mention is that in this northern part, a landscape will appear flat if you compare it with the southern one. Also, you can see a beautiful Lake Alpsee too which will complete your experience for instance hearing the saga from Lohengrin.

That contrast leaves an unforgettable feeling in the visitors’ eyes. It awakes a special feeling like you are in a fairy tale from which you don’t want to get out. That’s what Neuschwanstein Castle offers.

Is it worth giving it a try?

This is a common question that people would ask. And I can give only a single and quick answer – a big YES! Why? Although a visit inside the castle only lasts for 35 minutes, a whole trip will take several hours. From our get-together, traveling by train and sharing experiences, to the visit of the castle and exploring its environment. You learn about the king’s background, how he lived, loved and lost his life just from someone who studied his life.

Don’t bother yourself with unnecessary researches or wrong sources. You are going on a trip of a lifetime and I think that there is not an specific value for that, but a high value for the result of your visit!

What about Covid regulations?

In the present time when we are covered by daily news and changes about the global pandemic, the rules have become a little bit stricter than in the past. But that’s all-natural if we have in mind a period we are living in. 

All we, as a group, will have to do is respect all the regulations. It means that our group will have to be shorter in terms of participants, unfortunately. Also, visits are allowed only with the presence of a tour guide. Luckily, you will have me. So, hopefully, you can conclude now how important it will be for you to have a guide by your side during this trip. Give it a try!

If you need some additional information about tours to Bavaria, feel free to click here and find out everything you want.

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