Linderhof Palace: King Ludwig’s only one finished castle

Visiting the Linderhof Palace needs time, this castle was finished. We name it a castle, but Linderhof is on architecture definition a villa.

Visiting the Linderhof Palace needs time, at least this castle was complete. The area is huge and you better have a bicycle. We name it a castle, but Linderhof is on architecture definition a villa. Small and extremely luxurious with very special details.


Ludwig’s private palace of Linderhof, constructed in the Bavarian countryside, is in a Neo-French Rocco style. The palace designed with a mere 10 rooms was perfect for a man who loved the company of few people, showed especially by the dining table, with only space for one person.

Linderhof also had a grotto, lit by electricity, for hosting performances of his dear friend Wagner. Many historians consider that the gardens of Linderhof palace are one of the most beautiful garden designs. The castle combines elements of Renaissance and Baroque formal gardens with sections similar to the English Landscape Garden.

Does this represent ‘the Fairy-tale King’ Ludwig himself?

Renaissance and Baroque, representing his formal side, embodying his Royal standing, and how the people of Bavaria must see him as a structured individual. On the other hand, his more natural side, extravagance, imagination and artistic, free-willed side that he wants the people to see, are visible by the sections that are of an English Gardenesque style. This is also where the Venus Grotto is located.

In 1868, the King commissioned the first drawings for his buildings. He started with Herrenchiemsee and Neuschwanstein, although the construction of Herrenchiemsee did not commence for another decade, in 1878.

An unfinished and never started castle was Falkenstein.

Visiting Linderhof

Visiting castles please follow the rules:

  • No photo inside the castle. Sincerely, the rooms are too dark for any useable result.
  • Unsecure back-packs may cause accidents. Use free of charges, the lockers nearby.
  • Don’t throw garbage inside the castle. Bavarians are proud of the King and his heritage.
  • Tickets are difficult to book. Better you ask for a tour guide.
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