Munich’s must see: The lovely Alter Peter in Munich

Munich’s must see besides the the Frauenkirche, is St. Peter, or Peterskirche. Munich’s most famous landmark. Only 1 minute away from Marienplatz. It is the oldest parish church in Munich. This is by the way, the oldest church in the city.

It lies on the Petersberg (or Peter’s hill). A small hill, the only elevated place in Munich’s old town. The tower is popularly known as: Old Peter. Not all visitors can climb the stair to the Tempieto on the top from the main tower, but if you can, don’t miss the opportunity to see Munich from a very unique perspective.

Construction of the Peterskirche

The Peterskirche had a turbulent history. It was originally built in the Romanesque style in the 11th century. Later expanded in Gothic style, the church was destroyed in a fire in 1327. Later it was rebuilt in a high baroque style and consequently rebuild after the World War II.

In short, there have been numerous renovation processes. As a result, the interior has a very fascinating style that combines Bavarian Romanesque, Baroque and Gothic.

St. Peter and it’s attributes

From the outside, the Gothic-style facade surprises millions of hearts. The interior with baroque influences attracts the attention of visitors. From the bell tower, you can enjoy the picturesque landscape of Munich.

However, you have to climb 306 steps to reach the outside balcony. There is no elevator. The panoramic view is definitely worth it, as there are no window frames to obstruct the view. On a clear day you can see the Alps.

The holy Munditia

In addition to the interior of the building, the tomb of Saint Munditia attracts the attention of visitors.

Enter the church and look at this relic on the left. Munditia was a Christian martyr. Her remains can be seen in a glass and silver box in a niche in the church. Her skeleton is decorated with gold and various jewels. There is also a Latin inscription. There, visitors are told the historical background of St. Munditia.

Visiting St. Peter

Located in the heart of Munich, the Catholic parish of St. Peter is the oldest and most traditional parish in Munich. The parish church of St. Peter with its distinctive tower, the Old Peter, stands unmistakably in the landscape for the faithful trust in God of Munich religious residents.

Outside from the church you may find a canon ball on the window, but this is just mounted there to remember a very old battle from XVIII century. A canon ball flew through the window and they decided to keep this on the wall to remember the event. Inside the church you’ll be amazed by the apostle Peter from Erasmus Graßer and the four church fathers from Egid Quirin Asam.

Many small chapels around the central part from the church let us have an overview about the life from the high-society from early days in the city of Munich. There is a a copy from a painting from the court painter Johann de Pay d. J. of the Lamentation of Christ based on a composition by Antonis van Dyck around 1640 that will make your heart beat a little higher, if you like arts like me.

Explore the legend and the sights of St. Peter’s Church on your Munich old town tour. Finally, the Alter Peter offers the most beautiful view in Munich. But you have to climb the steep 306 steps. Come in one of my walking tours and hear the history from this and other places in Munich.

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