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My Radio Show is a new project I am very proud of. The goal of the show is to connect many people from all over the world. This is a unique opportunity to create new possibilities for people to participate in a play. Why not enjoy connecting with each other and making the most of the Internet?

How will society be in the future?

Back in the 70s, people needed a studio for radio plays. Nowadays, we have the Internet that can help us explore new possibilities. Using the Internet, we can organize radio plays where people can participate, no matter where they come from. 

What I thought about is using my radio show experience to connect with others and create new art. I can’t find many people doing this, so starting something like this is both challenging and exciting. I do believe many people will like this idea and hopefully join me. 

There are many plays, classics, that we can consider. There are also plays that I myself write. My theater group “Red Moon Theater” supports my idea and they already decided to work with me on this project. 

How we imagine this is to mount a play and publish it. We also want to create other plays that we want to submit to many radio contests and press. Publishing those plays is also one of our goals so people all around the world can read them. 

So, how can people be a part of this project? Well, after we decide which play we want to use, candidates can apply for a role. All candidates make an appointment, read a few lines so we can see if he/she can play a role. 

Those who are interested receive scripts via email and have some time to prepare before the appointment. Candidates who get a role will then attend Skype meetings. All the regisseur work will be done via Skype.

One thing to keep in mind is to send a picture for the cast when they apply. 

The radio play 

Paloma is the first play we want to perform in my radio show. It is based on the crime novel that I wrote a couple of years ago. Paloma is a story that tells about a successful, yet abusive lawyer Agneta and her daughter Paloma. 

We can learn about their relationship, deeds, and what they hide behind their facades. This story makes us ask a question if everything is actually the way it looks. We are able to learn that we can’t see nor feel some things; we can easily be surprised and shocked. 

Let me introduce the story, so you can have a better insight into the play. The play will last for about forty minutes with three main roles and three side roles. 

The story consists of eight chapters. The first three chapters focus on one character while the remaining chapters tell the background story and the present.


Agneta is a 62-year-old woman who is in a hospital for the past eight years. She used to be a successful lawyer who married a man only because she got pregnant. She’s in the hospital on life support as a result of a failed suicide attempt. 

In this chapter, we learn more about Agneta’s relationship with her husband. Their marriage was a community of interest, not love and friendship. Her husband was bisexual, if not homosexual, but they did their best to keep it secret. 

Agneta became a famous lawyer after winning a case in which she defended a client accused of murder. She did thorough research and proved that it was not a murder, but an overdose case. Everyone was surprised at that time how a woman can do a job exceptionally well. 

She was not only a successful but also a beautiful woman with shiny, blond hair who ran her own office. She had many lovers in the past. Later, despite being married, she continued to have other men in her life. 


Hannah is a nurse at the hospital where Agneta is. She is described as a more masculine than feminine woman who doesn’t care much about beauty standards. Hannah takes good care of Agneta, she’s very professional at what she does. 

She has one very difficult task, a tough conversation with Paloma, Agneta’s daughter. Hannah needs to suggest turning off life support as Agneta’s condition is not improving, it is only getting worse. 

She is afraid that Paloma might once again reject it, as she did before. 


Paloma, Agneta’s 35-year-old daughter is a successful lawyer running her mother’s business since she was admitted to the hospital. She is described as small, petite, and always well.dressed. Everyone in the hospital envies her and they try to copy her. 

Paloma is even more successful than her mother. She donates a lot of money to the hospital, buys gits for the staff, and Hannah respects her immensely. Despite being busy, she always finds time to visit her mother and read her diary. 

When Hannah suggests turning off life support, Paloma agrees. Hannah is surprised, but also relieved as she will no longer have to prepare for such conversations with her. She prepares all documentation and arranges everything. 

The magic mirror 

In this chapter, we start learning about their lives. Paloma shares her memories of Agneta as an abusive mother who had problems with excessive drinking. We learn Agneta physically and emotionally abused Paloma. 

They always tried to portray their relationship as a good one. But, behind the curtains, something very dark and painful was happening. Agneta was very aggressive and Paloma suffered a lot her whole life. 

The Diary 

The story continues to develop in the hospital, as Paloma reads her diary to her mother for the last time. This is when we learn more about her father and what happened to him. He was a photographer and cyclist.

Because of their poor relationship in marriage, her father threatened to leave Agneta. But he was a support to Paloma. He was kind, loved her immensely and protected her from the abusive mother. 

This chapter describes the father’s death. Paloma saw her father dying after a fight with Agneta. After the fight, Agneta left the house, probably to meet with some lover.

Even though Paloma was young at the time, she handled the police and ambulance well. When Agneta came home, she didn’t pay much attention to her husband’s death. She drank and went to sleep. 

The girl and the death 

In this part of the story, a doctor turns off life support. Paloma doesn’t show much emotion and Hannah is a bit surprised to her reaction. She learned how to behave in such situations, but this one was different. 

Paloma sits next to her dead mother and reads the final pages of her diary. We learn about all humiliation and pain Paloma suffered. It was throughout childhood and later when they started working together. 

Paloma always questioned her father’s death and here we learn that Agneta actually poisoned him. We also learn that Paloma once tried to kill herself in the office, also by poisoning herself. But at the moment she wanted to do it, Agneta came in. 

They had a fight because of one file that Agneta needed for a meeting. Agneta took Paloma’s tea, thinking it’s for her and drank it in her office. Paloma went out to clear her thoughts, thinking her mom wouldn’t die. 

She later finds her in her office, on the floor. She called the police and told her mother tried to kill herself. This is the reason why Agneta has been in the hospital for such a long time. 

Goodbyes and Cheers to New Life 

These are the last two chapters of this short novel. They reveal a lot about the main character, Paloma. She may not be as innocent and as good as she’s trying to portray herself. 

We learn the dark side of her nature and her intention for the future. The story ends in Hannah’s house with Paloma visiting her. There is a reason, but I wouldn’t like to reveal the ending and all the details. 

Be part of my Radio Theater

If you are interested in the story and the future radio show, you can contact me to order a copy of the book. 

Also, for all those interested in being a part of my show, contact me for information on how to apply. 

In this digital age, people use the Internet as a tool to achieve many of their goals. Some are their personal life goals, some for work or just hobbies. People study languages online, work online from the comfort of their homes. 

Why not have a radio play so people can connect with each other and create something new? We can all play our roles without having to meet in another city or country. We can try to develop a new use for the virtual world. 

I want to use voices from all over the world to deliver a possibility for everyone to be part of creative work. I see this as a huge improvement that can enrich our lives and experiences. 

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