Neuschwanstein: Isolde confess: I cheated my husband with Tristan

Neuschwanstein, a story is told on the walls. Drama and novel and a special saga. Unbelievable but true, Tristan and Isolde weren’t so pure like the church wanted in middle age. What a dirty gossip for a tea evening.

Neuschwanstein Castle is one of the most established castles in Europe. Built by King Ludwig II in 1869, it is visited by 1.4 million tourists per year. Neuschwanstein symbolizes romantic, fantasy and dreams for many.

In this castle, you may see the tale from “Tristan and Isolde” in the sleeping room from King Ludwig II. Inspired by 12th-century history, romanticism, and music, Richard Wagner composed an opera.

I decided to publish a contemporary version of this tale using my writing skills and making a very personal interview with Isolde on the day after weeding.

I advise you, this content may differ from the original in some aspects, but everything else is based on history.

The first they encounter

Paul: “Much appreciated for providing me the chance to interview you Isolde. Is this the first time you talk about you and Tristan?”

She was extremely nervous and twisted her fingers all the time, but I expected satisfactory answers. Since she seemed not to find a way to start talking.

Paul: “Tell me how you first meet.” I encouraged her with a question.

Isolde nodded and took a handkerchief from her shirt’s arm. After sobbing twice, she started.

Isolde: “It’s uneasy to live as a princess in Ireland. People examine you on everything. If your clothes are not prudes enough or if you talk too much. Anyway, Tristan fought against Morholt. If you don’t know this crap, let me give you some background: He was the brother of Ireland’s Queen. Yes, my uncle and captured me asking for ransom. He tried extorting money from my groom, King Mark. Tristan killed him but was terribly wounded. No doubt. In this battle, Tristan’s wound was poisoned. People told him to visit Queen Isolde, who is an excellent healer.”

The first impression, that Isolde was a timid person almost disappeared. Therefore I merely nodded and kept hearing.

Isolde: “Tristan first lied about his name. He tried hiding his identity, cause he thought we would accuse him of killing Morholt. We were delighted with Morholt’s death. He took me back to King Mark and on the way, we came more familiar.”

How close she came?

My eyes sharpened, and I moved nearby to Isolde.

Paul: “Sorry, I never assumed you could …”

She halted me abruptly.

Isolde: “But I enjoyed my thoughts, Dear. What a hunk. Strong, masculine with the smell of mature cedar.” She raised her fists in the air.

I lost my voice for a second thinking about this sentence would end.

Paul: “But you were promised to King Mark, isn’t it?”

Isolde: “Had you seen his belly? Well, as a princess you must perform your job. I asked for a love potion. With the love-potion would be easier to oversee King Marks … minor blemish.” She made those Betty Davis eyes. “Do you follow me?”

I merely nodded and blushed as an adolescent. This was a distinct embarrassing moment, but I was interested on how it ends.

Isolde: “How could I say? Well, …” she made a pause.

Paul: “Tristan was hot, and you thought about your groom.”

Isolde: “Yes. But the love potion represents the problem. We shared this on the way to Mark and fell in love.”

I sincerely don’t believe a word. She was just lecherous and finds out that thing about the love potion.

Paul: “I see. How came to the wedding night?”

Paul: “Absolutely, I understand his age, please keep with the interview. I can cut undesired details after transcribing it.” I lied.

Isolde: “Everything happened so unexpectedly. I’m a princess and after the marriage the new queen. Everything is so embarrassing. I came back in the morning, and my maid left the room.”

Paul: “How your husband suspected your … adultery?”

Paul: “Much appreciated Isolde. It was very … moving moment. I wish you many happy years with King Mark.”

She cried tragically.

So Tristan and Isolde ends

Tristan married Isolde “with the white hands” and lived with her, ever thinking about his lost Isolde with the golden hair.

Do you want to hear how this really came to the end? Visit the castle Neuschwanstein on one of my tours.

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