Unforgettable Trip through Romantic Road

I visited many times, the romantic road in the last forty years, and this is my resume for your trip to Bavaria.

I visited many times, the romantic road in the last forty years, and this is my resume for your trip to Bavaria.

Without a doubt, a trip through the romantic road is one that should be on top of your list. The ancient romantic castles, the preserved medieval towns, the architecture with its unique patterns and structures, nature that seems to make everything else pause, walking on streets over 1000 years old is not one word can best explain. Even the best poets would struggle for words to describe the magnificent Ludwig’s Castles; it is a breathtaking sight in the blue skies of southwest Bavaria.

Therefore, a journey through the beautiful picturesque landscape of Romantic Road is one to savour. And with me, Paul Riedel, it will be a trip to tell fond stories about many years to come.

So, as we begin, forget informations about the Romantic Road, for it is nothing compared to what you are about to experience with me.

Romantic Road Itinerary

Drive from the shiny wine fields from Franconia in the historical region from Bavaria, till the city of Schwangau in the foothills of the German Alps. I have visited this route of beautiful landscapes several times, and the best way to enjoy this scenic route is to travel by car. You can get a rental car immediately after you land at the Frankfurt am Main Airport, as this is closest to your starting point, and you are all ready to go.

The Romantic Road is a 261-mile journey, but with my tour from Munich, we reach half-timbered houses from Rothenburg o. d. Tauber, medieval castles like Castle Hotel Colmberg, till the magnificent neo-Gothic Castle Neuschwanstein.

First thing, know that the Romantic Road, which was once a vital trade route of the medieval era became a very popular tourist route since the 50ies. During the summer, this ancient path of historic castles and beautiful towers is usually flooded with crowds of tourists from all over the world. Ticket prices are up; there are long queues at stops and a lot of people. Therefore, a more suitable time to journey the Romantic Road is during winter, fall, or spring, when you can fully absorb its beauty without the distraction of a crowd.

The start point is the Würzburg, you can start anywhere on the route, but for a seamless journey from the North and a grand finale at the foothills of the Bavarian Alps, which gives a view of the Neuschwanstein Castle at the endpoint of this route. Although some other tours would take you all the way to Füssen, we are ending here, as it will afford us a better itinerary.

Also, this unforgettable Romantic-Road trip with me, will be a 2-day road trip. Day 1 begins at the Würzburg and ends with a night stop at the Rothenburg. While in day 2, we will be sightseeing till we reach the famous Disney Castle (actually was never Disney’s castle, but some people claim their possessions, without asking for permission).

So, get your coats, get in the car and let this unforgettable journey begin.

Stations of the Romantic Road Germany


First, we arrive at Würzburg, but before you consider speeding off the Romantic Road, stop and let me show you some great spots in this ancient town through the eyes of an artist. You cannot drive by one of the best towns in Bavaria and not try out their wine.

Würzburg is a peaceful ancient town on the Romantic Road, renowned for its splendid architecture, serene vineyards, and rich culture, not forgetting the wine. Follow me to the Würzburg Residence, which houses some of the best structures you would ever see. Its interior is famously called the “Masterpiece of Neoclassical architecture.”Behold the Chapel; the design is exquisite. The Imperial Hall and the Staircase are from the best artistry, and these are all enveloped in a beautiful array of gardens.

A historical highlight of the city is the compact city centre, which is filled with centuries-old statues of saints and is a famous spot to meet and interact with locals. Also, just before we move on from this magnificent ancient town, the Würzburg Residenz projects the beauty of ancient European monarchy and absorbs you into royalty.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Driving along the Romantic Road, our next stop is the Rothenburg ob der Tauber, where I promised you would see half-timbered houses. The Rothenburg is a marvellously preserved city of the Middle Ages, sitting atop the wondrous hills of the Romantic Road. To effectively tour this spot, park your rental car and take a walk along the streets of the medieval town.

Notice the half-timbered homes and the medieval streets; do they remind something? Yes, this medieval town has famously appeared in top movies such as Harry Potter, Pinocchio, and the Deathly Hallows, among others.

For a marvelous view of the town, I advise you to walk on the ancient walls, and see just how beautiful this old city is. Also, be not afraid of heights, get to the highest point of its Town Hall and marvel at the wonder, you shall see a work of art beyond imagination and words. We can take a night rest here till tomorrow.


Wealth, culture, history, recreation, Augsburg enjoy it all. This is about the ancientest town in the whole of Bavaria and only second to one in Germany. Hence, this is a town that significantly shaped the history of Germany and equally that of Europe, and you get to walk through these streets. Augsburg, with its 2000-old history, has major Renaissance structures that still attract tourist visits to date.

The Maximillianstrasse comprises beautiful Hercules and Mercury fountains, making it the foremost boulevard in southern Germany. Augsburg equally possesses the stunning Golden Chamber, a renaissance structure that you should see.

Neuschwanstein Castle – Endo of the Romantic Road

Our final stop is the Neuschwanstein Castle, located atop the Schwangau, a village in southwest Bavaria. This fortress is the most explored site on the Romantic Road, with thousands of visitors each day during summer. It is frequently regarded as the “Walt Disney Castle” because that magnificent castle that has adorned the logo of their Studios for decades.

To visit the interior of the castle, you have to make a reservation and purchase a ticket for a supervised tour. But without examining the interior, the exterior, laying atop the Bavarian Alps seemingly hanging from the clear blue German sky, is enough to last a lifetime and as adorned the painting brush of numerous artists. This, I believe, is a befitting end to your tour of the Romantic Road, and you can follow the signposts and manage a few miles into Munich.

Follow me in this dream journey

In summary, art is undeniable. Equally, the exquisite nature of the scenes of the Romantic Road cannot be denied. Once experienced, any doubt of its beauty and lush gardens are no more, and a modest desire to return to this lavish ancient route replaces it. An unforgettable experience!

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