Salzburg Trip from Munich was wonderful 2019-11-27

Salzburg Day Trip from Munich with me is endless fun. I love to finish my day tours with a group picture and I put this in the Salzburg Review. So other guests can better check my results.

Every day a smile

This is the best loan after a working day. Not even rain can disturb your experience. We walk through the city and you have a full three hours free to explore the city.

Sometimes I stay with the guests all the time, but this is not part of the program.

Salzburg Day Trip
Happy faces accompain me all tours

Visiting Salzburg

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Whether you visit Salzburg by train or by bus, the most important is the plan of your day. Be sure that you have a manageable bucket list and not a nightmare for your guide.

Nightmare all guides

If you want to see more than one place, make sure, that those are possible to reach in the same tour. Better you check with your local expert, if this is possible to visit in advance.