Things to do in Munich (Germany) by night

Things to do in Munich are many and when it comes to activities and nightlife, in Munich (Germany) you will have a lot of fun here.

Things to do in Munich are many and when it comes to activities and nightlife, in Munich (Germany) you will have a lot of fun here. See my list of best places for your visit. I keep this post actual. Share your experience with me.

The so-called Munchener Freiheit based in Schwabing is the best location where all the clubs, cafes, restaurants and bars are places. Glockenbachviertel is the most popular LGBTQ-friendly district, which makes Munich the perfect city to go out. 

As a personal guide in Munich, with this blog-post, I take you through a one night out in this beautiful city.

To do in Munich Germany

Being in the early ’60s doesn’t stop me from going out and having fun, especially when you live and search for activities in a city like Munich (Germany). It is full of open-minded people, surrounded by great artistic places to visit and lots of places to go out. You can feel the freedom and equality everywhere around the city.

I can dance through the night, but most of my guests sleep by 10 pm. To pay for good service is ok, but to have one is sometimes difficult in Munich.

After this follows a question, WHY? The biggest factor, in my opinion, is the cultural misunderstanding, but generally, most of the people working in the service industry are nice and friendly. Going out with other guys around for a beer or to a club is a great thing to do in Munich.

Every club in Munich requires a special outfit, so basically you cannot dress casually or wear every-day clothes when you go out to a club or disco. More about the dress code and outfit later.

Besides, I present to you some of the best clubs that you can go out in Munich.

Clubs in Munich

Vanilla Lounge

To warm up yourself I strongly recommend going to Vanilla Lounge for a drink or two which you can find on Munchener Freiheit. Vanilla Lounge is one of the bars you should visit. They offer a huge selection of drinks including beers, cocktails, and spirits. In this bar also you can have a try from one of the best shishas in Munich, with different kinds of flavors including vanilla, strawberry, blueberry, etc. 

Jennifer Parks

This is one of the most popular gay bars in Munich. If you want to feel like you are in the eighties with old-school music, such as Bon Jovi, Whitney Houston, Eurythmic then this is the right bar for you. It is cozy and warm with a funky and innovative design, amiable staff and drinks for affordable prices. You can find a great selection of drinks, beers, cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks. For more information, you can visit their website:

Harry Klein

 Harry Klein is the best hip nightclub for electronic music. Every weekend there is a different DJ, and the atmosphere they are making is incredible. The owners of the club always make sure that it is safe, and danger-free. The electronic parties are more than awesome as the club is equipped with a great sound system, a very interesting interior, and the bass is unreal. If you are planning on visiting this club make sure you have a proper club outfit, as it is not just an “ordinary club”. Check their official website for the next party at

Rote Sonne

Techno, dance, electronic and punk music are some genres that are played in this nightclub. The atmosphere that the DJ is making is more than awesome since he is a part of the crowd and the public. The staff of the club is always smiling and welcoming. If you are planning on visiting this nightclub, make sure you check what’s coming up from parties at


 Are you a fan of Cuban and Latino music? Then this is the right club for you. Make sure you dress up in comfortable shoes because you will be dancing all night long in this club. It’s location is in a basement off Maximilianstrasse, a bit discreet, with a great interior as there are photos all over the walls of Che Guevara. This club is famous for its salsa parties, the great selection of rums, and cocktails. 

Bar 45

This bar is a newbie in the row of bars in Munich but deserves a visit. It became very popular in just a short matter of time because of the wild atmosphere it offers. At night this bar offers great and loud music to enjoy, and cocktails for sure. If you are up for a wild night in this city, this bar is just the right pick for you. 

Breweries & Beer Tours

The Munich nightlife is not all about the discos and nightclubs. Munich is very popular for beer and it’s six breweries brew more than 600 million liters annually. I highly recommend you to try some Bavarian beer that comes out of Munich.

The Augustiner, Hacker-Pschorr, Hofbräu, Löwenbräu, Paulaner, and Spaten are the most popular breweries. All of them offer from light and soft to dark and stronger beers, different for everyone’s taste. The one that I am a huge fan of is the Augustiner.

My tours include visiting the breweries and the Museum of Oktoberfest. Make sure you check out the tour here and book on time. If you book too late, there may be an alternative version of visiting another place instead of the Museum of Oktoberfest

Dress Code for Munich

 First things first, Munich is a very conservative city regarding the dress code. Like every other city, Munich locals bear to dress stylishly. I would agree that they have a very alternative fashion taste. I would gladly like to recommend you to dress for each night out differently and appropriately for the club because some of the security guys working in each club can be strict regarding the looks and wouldn’t allow you to get inside. Besides that, I hate fur hoods, and this is the greatest fashion crime ever. At all considering that China’s animal abuse is supported when people buy this.


One thing that I find fascinating about the nightlife of Munich is the people. People are the reason your night will stay unforgettable. As I mentioned before, people here are very open when it comes to going out. Starting from discos, bars, gay bars and restaurants you can find anything related to your taste. If you are interested in making your wild night in Munich then you can find a place like it.

My beer tours include visiting some of the most popular breweries so make sure you book on time so we can arrange which places and breweries to be organized for your tour. I will be all the time with you explaining the process of brewing, the history of breweries and the places we are going to visit. It is going to be fun, so make sure you take a friend or your closest ones to enjoy.

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