Munich Virtual Tour with Paul and the city secrets

Virtual tour in Munich
Have forty-five minutes Munich Virtual Tour with my explanation and receive a voucher for your next booking.
From 40 € per session
Duration about 1 hours Groups of NO LIMIT people


Travel Operator

The Munich Virtual tour combines all the important elements of tourism with the added advantage of being virtual (Online—from the comfort of your room or home)

Whether you plan to visit Munich, or you’re already here and you don’t know where to visit, this shows you an abbreviated version of what this city has to offer.

Book a Virtual Tour and let me give you all the information you, your family, and your friends require to visit my city. Come and enjoy this expertly curated mix of a travel consulting tour and online sightseeing.


What to Expect:

  • I will provide a detailed and highly explanatory 45-minute virtual tour, and you will receive a voucher for your next booking of one of my tours.
  • This ticket/voucher gives you a discount on your next physical tour in the beautiful and free state of Bavaria.
  • The video presentation will have pictures, some of my own paintings, and short videos of great quality for the perfect view of the city and help you plan your visit.
  • I finish the presentation with tips for your next visit.

All of these can be enjoyed in your home and even on your TV.

Tour Plan

Prior to the presentation, we can have a 15-minute online interview. Let me know in advance, and you can reach me through any communication channel.

If you have any questions during the video presentation, you can send them in through the chatbox, and receive immediate answers.

After the virtual tour, we can discuss more concerning Munich and everything you plan to do when you’re here, and I’ll happily provide professional insight for you.

You don’t need to spend countless hours researching how to get a good vacation experience. You just need to use my services, enjoy a memorable vacation, and learn so much that would last you a lifetime.

Those are my available times

Meeting Point

What's in

  • 45 minutes video presentation
  • 15 Minutes video call about your trip to Munich

What's not

  • Extended time

General Advices


  • Please book your tour with proper advance.
  • In my opinion, this is not a tour for kids under 7 years, but this is up to you.
  • Alcohol consume is during the tour not allowed.
  • People with disabilities must inform with proper advance about needs and limitations.

Different times for private tours

  • The suggested standard times are a defined for standard tours, but I’ll be happy to arrange your desired start time in the schedule. Just give me a call or send me an email.


  • 24 hours before tour begin are free of charges.

Those are some advantages of my services

Experienced Guides

We are all over 10 years working with tours

Easy cancellation

I offer you the most flexible policies

Small Groups

We deliver personal support and stay away from big crowds


All tours are offered in German, English, Spanish and Portuguese

Secrets from the cities

You can have more of your vacation with my team and me

This is the voice of my customers

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