Tourism and Environment: Animal Rights in Bavaria a concern

Tourism and environment are getting crusial. Fighting for animal rights in Bavaria is what I can do. As a true animal lover and activist, whole my life I have been involved in protecting animals.

As a true animal lover and activist, whole my life I have been involved in protecting human’s best friends.

I am proud to be a vegetarian for more than a decade. Support me in this and invite others to do the same. Proudly born vegetarian and this never hurt my health. And I’m pretty strong.

In many places where I bring tourists are animals trying to socialize. Ducks asking for some food, swans lurking for some loan for their amazing performance. But humans seem to have forgotten that those actors in the scenery are living beings.

Let’s see some facts about it:

Blessing of Dogs was a tradition in Bavaria

Bavarians have always been dedicated to raising awareness of how animals are and should be treated. We had a long tradition of a beautiful ceremony called the Blessing of Dogs. This started to spread during the 50es.

The ceremony is usually organized in the famous Gothic church, St Maximilian. If you are interested in visiting this monumental building, I recommend you to find good tour guide. So you’ll be sure to hear the untold secrets of the old times.

During the ceremony, priests would hold a wonderful speech. They remind us of the unconditional love and happiness these beautiful creatures show us every day.

The event of blessing welcomes all kinds of animals, although dogs are most common to be seen.

But let me remark, that this is something we are not doing anymore. Animals are still not being invited inside churches.

Does the catholic God love animals just outside their church?

Cruel reality of horses in Neuschwanstein Castle

And while these pets are blessed to have amazing owners who are taking care of them. Unfortunately, there are still many mistreated and neglected animals, even in Bavaria.

Animal rights in Bavaria seem to lack on actuality

There is something cruel and rotten in humankind. There are still millions of animals locked in cages and abused until death.

We are developing as a society but we are still far away from the kind we should be. Greed and other selfish conducts corrupted our moral evolution.

We must stop to take for granted the beauty and innocence of the animals. We all have to step out as animal protectors as soon as possible.

One of the cruelest situations I witnessed lately is the awful treatment of horses in the Neuschwanstein Castle.

This widely famous touristic attraction and popular holiday activities in german. Those are becoming also famous for unspeakable bad treatment of horses.

Those are transporting groups of heavy tourists. Instead of the stunning beauty of the place, visitors are witnessing the cruelty those poor animals suffer every day.

They are shuttling overpacked carriages, usually filled with more than 12 people. The saddest part is the fact that this problem, in my opinion, easy to solve. We could use automatic vehicles like electric cars, segways parallel to those exhausted animals. Since the area is absolutely beautiful during the whole year, visitors could also simply walk to the castle.

Some months ago a horse falled on its knees. The people inside the carriage kept seated with astonished faces, but none moved to help the poor horse.

I sincerely felt really bad and I since then ask my guests to help to stop this animal abuse.

What can we do to stop the violence against animals?

We struggle in giving more rights, because this means to share our rights. History teaches us that every revolution starts with one brave individual.

If we join forces, the life of precious animals, our planet neighbors, could be way better. Far better than the life of horses in Neuschwanstein Castle.

I invite you to share your stories and ideas. Write to me on how we could make this world better for all living beings.

My blog welcomes everyone brave enough to stand for animal rights. Remember, there are millions of us and we can make the difference.

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