Valentine’s Day in South Germany

Oh Valentine's Day! February is the shortest month on the calendar, but it has one of the most globally recognized holidays of the year.

Oh Valentine’s Day! February is the shortest month on the calendar, but it has one of the most globally recognized holidays of the year.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in many ways all over the world. Sadly yet there are still some countries that have banned the holiday entirely.

As extreme as these differences are, its history is just as diverse, with documentation dating back to the 1400s. Historians believing some traditions of the holiday to date back to ancient Rome. Impressing!

Even with such a global reach, Valentine’s Day is not celebrated by a large percentage of Germans. In fact, a study found the region with the highest percentage of participants was Bavaria, the wonderful south of Germany, with 54% of survey participants. They claimed to had done something to celebrate the day. This believed to be a result of Valentine’s Day not becoming popular in Germany until after World War II when its traditions were reintroduced by the American troops.

What’s next in Bavaria

As the carnival and festival season begins, it’s time to get out of the house and into the world. If you don’t want to go on a romantic visit to the countryside and explore Bavaria, you don’t have to. Munich has beautiful places to go that won’t cost a fortune.

A great way to make your Valentine’s Day special is to have a scavenger hunt, to each of your favorite places. Or go to places that you have fond memories.

Munich is so diverse and cultured that make scavenger hunts a great way to spend a day getting to know your loved one more intimately. Visiting the places, you shared many of your first memories of taking them your favorite restaurant or area of Munich is a wonderful sentiment.

Have some hints from me

There are many gardens throughout Bavaria, and my personal favorite is Kutschfahrt Englischer Garten. Kutschfahrt Englischer Garten or “The English Garden” is a beautiful place. It has so many wonderful things for couples to do. It gets its name from the English landscaping style it was influenced by, mostly related f.i. to the paintings from Claude Lorraine. The paintings from Claude Lorraine are in the Alte Pinakothek. A wonderful and romantic option for your Valentine’s Day.

You can spend a day walking the distinguished grounds and bask in the tranquility in one of the world’s largest inner-city parks. With over 80km of biking and hiking trails you’re bound to find somewhere new to share an afternoon.

I have so many fond memories sitting with people I’ve met in my life talking about everything and nothing. There are so many options for transportation including renting bicycles. Or have a picnic along the river. Due to the weather, I’m sure naked sunbathing will not very popular.

Options are many, and I’m sure many will follow me to the Chinese tower. Which is one of my personal favorites to get away from the crowds of the more popular places like the Chinese Tower.

Adventure at the Eisbach

If you or your significant other are adrenaline seekers, you likely already know of Eisbachwelle. If not, this a fantastic way to spend a day together and share an experience outdoors in the English Garden. Don’t forget your Neoprene, the water is really cold.

If you’re looking for a break from soaking up some sun. The man-made wave attracts the best surfers from all over the world for over 40 years.

As much as I enjoy the season, putting on a wet suit to get into cold water seems like more of a punishment than a privilege. I have some wonderful memories watching from a safe and warm distance. Sure giving some kind of opinion about the performance of the surfers.

I find there’s something special about enjoying some hot apple juice and cinnamon here or by the waterfalls nearby.

Eisbachwelle is one of my favorite spots to unwind because of its unparalleled balance of tranquility from the gardens, with the chaos of the Eisbach.

Valentine’s Traditions

As German’s, we live with the contradiction of living in a country with breathtaking landscapes. We are raised (disregarding where we were born) with stories of love and determination.

With the holiday being popularized less than a century ago it’s understandable why other German traditions around this time of year would take precedence. With children in some other countries giving out candies and cards at school. The holiday is far more ingrained in their social structure.

Most Bavarians would agree, love can take many forms, but the first step to loving someone else. In parts of the US and UK, a large group of singles celebrates “Singles Awareness Day”. To sad for me, I ever had a partner and for 30 years my husband. The “Single’s Awareness Day” is a way of celebrating love for someone else, or appreciation and love for themselves.

St. Valentine is the patron saint of love. I’m not religious, but romantic.

Who knows what my husband will give me on next Valentine’s Day?

Who knows what I’ll get my dog?

In the end, I love this holiday because it lets me show my love for all the people and pets that give me love and happiness throughout the year.

Even though I’m older I love this time of year. I’m so excited to share some of my favorite Bavarian places to explore! From Kutschfahrt Englischer Garten to the many wonderful places in Munich, I hope this helps to make your Valentine’s Day truly special.

If you’d like more information, would like to arrange a tour of your favorite Bavarian. Or if you think there is something I missed, please contact me.

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