Christmas in Munich 2021 after Corona will be amazing

Christmas in Munich after Corona will be different from all the previous years and will be an experience to create life-long memories. Follow me.

Christmas in Munich 2021 after Corona will be different from all the previous years and will be an experience to create life-long memories. Follow me through the Munich Christmas market in Marienplatz, celebrations, and enjoy the local ambiance.

The festivities will run from November 22 to December 24, 2021. I’ll show you traditional crafts, wine, and culinary delicacies like roasted almonds, Lebkuchen, and lots more.

So, why is Christkindlmarkt in Marienplatz so special? I show you the fun activities you can do in Christkindlmarkt, which will create memories in your heart to cherish forever. With more than 20 000 stalls around the Munich Christmas tree, the Christmas tree is the most stunning view of Christkindlmarkt. I show you Bavarian hand-made souvenirs and Christmas decorations, like painted glass balls and paper pictures from Kiev.

Moreover, you can enjoy fresh macaroons, stollen (a local Christmas bread) and try local herbal liquors.

The Munich Christmas Tree

Every November, a new Christmas tree is set up in Munich! The joy begins when the fire brigade erects the tree for that year. The lights are put up, which adds sparkle in the night and makes for a great photoshoot spot for visitors.

The Christmas tree has been donated by the people of Bavaria and the Alpines. In exchange, the donors can represent their community at the Christmas market and sell German Christmas items. The tree is kept for a while and is brought down on the feast of Epiphany on January 6. The tree is usually later used in other places like a maypole.

Visit the Nativity Market

A few meters away from Marienplatz is the Nativity market. I take you to this place to buy artistically carved donkey figures, three kings, and other nativity scene figures.

Kripperlmarkt nativity figurines market is where you can buy nativity figures and the Christmas manger with baby Jesus, the 3 Magi, the donkey, the ox, and other nativity figures. The manger market is a few meters from Christkindlmarkt.

So, what do you see here?

Nativity figures in a variety of styles – Kostner, Artis, Grödner are some local names and hand-made Swiss pine nativity figurines. Nativity figurines – created by carvers in South Tyrol, figures in traditional Bavarian costume. Other scene accessories – like wells, campfires, shepherd’s huts, including hand-made designs. Wooden figurines – of the Madonna, saints, and secular figures, figurines which you can dress up such as Heidi, and woolen sheep. Stables – hand-made with traditional methods and designs. Angels – such as Sissy dream and Gloria angels. Electrical equipment for nativity scenes, such as lanterns and plugs. Decorative items are created from natural materials, such as moss, bark, etc.

Services like repairs and custom-made figurines based on your request can be ordered in some classic specialists.

Krampus Run – all you need to know

The Krampus tradition is an Alpine tradition that is over 500 years old.

Krampus should be dangerous, but with time people lost any respect for his role and see just a funny-looking devil who comes close to touch while on the run. About 30 groups with more than 400 participants from the Alpine region walk in the pedestrian zone with about 20 Krampuses or Spirifankerln (as locals name the devil). Fancy and expensive costumes.

The designs for the costumes are customized and are ordered every year and vary depending on the character: Perchten, initially present to exorcise winter, has 4 to 10 horns, and Krampuses have a two-horned mask. A costume costs between 1800 and 2500 euros. Some masks may weight about 10 kilograms – so you can now imagine why the runners run out of breath.

Enjoy German Christmas Carols at the Cathedral

Festive season and no Christmas carols? Enjoy German Christmas carols at the Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady). It has twin towers, a landmark of Munich’s skyline. There are also concerts and organ recitals for you to enjoy. Moreover, church services are free of cost; however, tickets are needed for shows.

Christmas in Munich 2021 post office

Have an actual Christkindl stamp for your Christmas post at the Christmas post office in Marienplatz. Come with me, and I show you the place.

The angel sitting at the counter takes the letter post from 12 pm to 6 pm and returns them with a Christkindl stamp. You can also put your post into the letterbox emptied daily and replaced with the Christkindl stamp.

Heavenly Workshop

Children from 6 to 12 can make candles or design Christmas cards in this Heavenly Workshop. Your kids can also have fun being creative and making Christmas gifts with the help of a specialist.

Tollwood Winter Festival

The Tollwood Winter Festival is where you can have fun hunting for beautiful treasures from all over the world and try organic, ethnic food. Moreover, this festival is loved because it is colorful and famous for its music, theater, circus performances, and art workshops. Only some versions require tickets; the rest are free.

Skating at the Biggest Ice Rink

Come with me to the biggest ice-skating rink in Munich, an open-air ice-skating rink in Muenchner Eiszauber (Munich Ice Magic). Setup for visitors from November to January in Karlsplatz Square. Bring your family along or come along with a date to relax beneath the twinkling stars in the night along with relaxing music with a light show. Warm-up with a hot cup of hot chocolate, which you can get from a stall around the ice rink. The entrance fee is between 5 and 8.5 euros and varies based on the time of day, with discounts for kids. Furthermore, you can rent ice skates if you want to skate.

Christmas Village in the Royal Residence

Come with me to the Christmas Village filled with wooden huts, a small chapel, and a holy nativity scene. Over here, you can also watch traditional toy makers, goldsmiths, glassblowers, woodcarvers, and knife grinders working. Also, your kids can enjoy a ride on carousals and meet Nikolaus, our German Santa Claus. Moreover, live music is played on the stage for your entertainment.

Pink Christmas Market

Visit Pink Christmas market to experience the LGBT community. The Pink Christmas market is also for gays and lesbians. It has pagoda tents and pink Christmas trees made of plastic. Moreover, you can buy beautiful handcrafted wares made locally and enjoy savory local delicacies. This Pink Christmas market is free of cost, loved for its ambiance and fun activities.

Advent wreath

During advent, on every Sunday, a new candle is lit on the advent fir wreath. You can purchase the advent wreath at flower shops. The first time someone put up an advent wreath in a church was in 1925. The red candles of advent symbolize hope.

Donations as a social care

Christmas is the period of sharing and caring for family and close ones and those who cannot afford Christmas joys and celebrations. Your kindness can bring a smile to someone’s face and give them the happiness of Christmas.

If you feel exhausted from a long period of work and are yearning for a relaxing holiday that makes you forget all of your worries and stresses, then this is the ideal place for you to visit! Christmas in Munich is magical and a must-visit for those looking for a cheerful and thrilling holiday full of fun!

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