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In this article, me, Paul Riedel – artist, beer sommelier and Munich city guide – would like to invite you on a fascinating journey to the beginnings of the art of brewing and into the world of beers. Because the malt juice has been refreshing us humans for thousands of years. And in the modern age, hardly any other city in Germany is as closely linked to stylish beer enjoyment as Munich.

An ancient tradition

In fact, beer was brewed 13,000 years ago. The oldest surviving recipes relating to the art of brewing are then 5,000 years old, and even in Celtic times (as before) various types of beer were known around the world.

Beer stands for enjoyment, for sociability and for much more. Because beer is a truly divine medicine, Philippus Theophrastus Aureolus Bombast von Hohenheim is supposed to have said. A natural philosopher and medical scholar who was also known by the name “Paracelsus”.

Enjoyed in moderation, beer is actually considered healthy. Because modern studies also prove what Paracelsus already suspected. Even the well-known medical newspaper took up this topic. Among other things, beer is said to have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Sins of beers?

It is also believed that beer increases bone density, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and may also have a positive effect on our cholesterol levels. Warm beer is said to have additional healing powers for colds.

But of course we usually like our beer well chilled, but never below 4 degrees Celsius. As a stylish and refreshing drink that goes especially well with smoked dishes. It’s also no secret that beer and white sausage also form a tasty liaison in my second home in Munich.

Enjoy different beers and styles

And that’s exactly what my discovery tour of the exciting Munich brewing scene is all about. To experience beer as a stylish drink and luxury food. Find out more about the brewing process and the origin of individual varieties. Because it doesn’t always have to be wheat beer. After all, Munich was known for its dark, often naturally cloudy beers for a long time.

Welcome to the Munich brewing scene!

Nevertheless, those who simply order “one” beer are served a light variety in Munich’s gastronomy as a matter of course. No wonder: After all, the Munich Hell was able to take the hearts of Bavarians by storm. A clear, bottom-fermented beer with a dense head of foam… You can find out more about this on my tour.

But dark beers, which often have a heavy and sweet taste, are still popular in my adopted home of Munich. It was once said that dark is the chocolate among beers. Well-known varieties are the Paulaner Dark or the Hofbräu Dark.

Impressive numbers

Did you know that around 15,000 types of beer are known worldwide? Around half of them already occur in Germany. Because as early as 2018, more than 6,000 varieties were known in this country. Just an indication of how popular the beer is throughout Germany. There is even an International Beer Day, which takes place on the first Friday in August.

What’s more: In Germany, many breweries also celebrate German Beer Day in April. And with good reason, because beer is the most popular alcoholic drink in Germany.

Beers and a worldwide phenomenon

But Americans also love their beer: “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy,” Benjamin Franklin, the American writer and statesman, once said. More anecdotes about the art of brewing and the

You can experience beer enjoyment on my tour.

Paul is ever on your side

It takes you to the Hofbräuhaus in beautiful Munich and to other highlights of the city. The Oktoberfest Museum can also be visited as part of this enjoyable city tour. It doesn’t matter whether you are in town for vacation or for a congress.

Munich beer and snack tour – book now!

The Munich beer and snack tour is suitable for everyone who enjoys the world of beer and enjoys it in style. Many of my guests are in their late 20s or early 30s, but older “semesters” also like to immerse themselves in the world of Munich’s brewing scene and gastronomy.

Because beer is fun and has tradition. Refreshes and can – if consumed in moderation – do the human organism good. The size of my groups, a maximum of 15 people, also contributes to the fun factor and the individual care of my guests.

So let’s have fun together for around 4 hours in Munich and the world of beers. Experience the cosmopolitan city and Bavarian state capital from its culinary side. With a cool beer and where the locals also relax.

According to a German proverb, water also becomes a fine drop if you mix it with malt and hops. Yes, beer is the Germans’ favorite drink and you will learn more about it on my tour.

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Your beer sommelier Paul Riedel

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