Football In Bavaria – FC Bayern Munich

Football in Bavaria – FC Bayern Munich

Apart from our culture, tradition, and habits, football is something truly popular too. FC Bayern Munich is the pride of Bavaria. A mixture of extraordinary scenery, beautiful landscapes, local culture of big significance, and famous music festivals, the state of

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German literature hero: A real stable genius Thomas Mann

German literature was many times in a revolution. Society once struggled to recognize a genius like Thomas Mann. Prejudice, politics and the human fear in front of the unknown. Phenomenal people with great minds and new ideas come in all

Alter Peter - Peterskirche

Munich’s must see: The lovely Alter Peter in Munich

Munich’s must see besides the the Frauenkirche, is St. Peter, or Peterskirche. Munich’s most famous landmark. Only 1 minute away from Marienplatz. It is the oldest parish church in Munich. This is by the way, the oldest church in the